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Top 6 Wearable Kickstarter and Indiegogo Campaigns to Watch


If you are looking for the best exciting wearable projects and looking for funding on Indiegogo, Kickstarter or any other crowdfund platform, then you are in the right place. It is not possible to move for wearable tech start-up instantly since the industry is driven by ideas realized via the internet of things (IoT) revolution. Every week, the most promising idea is picked hoping to get public funding to actualize it. Each person gets an opportunity of being the next investor. The following crowdfunding picks are the guide to a success story.

1.Sense ON

Sense ON is a style of wearable that is made from medieval and silicone grade tape and sticks onto the skin of a person to measure the heart rate accurately as a chest strap. It has conductive electrodes that are both sweat and water resistant, capable of capturing heart electrical pulses. The method is also used in the EKG medical monitoring delivering real-time data on heart rate zones, heart rate recovery and resting heart rate. Data is then synced to iOS and Android phones enabling you to review data from Bluetooth sports watches on the wrist. The expected shipping date is September at $79

2. Mover Kit

Mover Kit
Mover Kit teaches the kid how to code by use of a wearable device. It includes a mover board with motion sensors, lights, compass, accelerometer, USB connector, and a magnetometer. Kids then use these components to code its behavior so that it performs as per their imagination. It enables the child to create and make fun with technology, using a wearable as a vehicle to their imagination racing. The campaign hit it’s $50,000 target and one bags the kit for $55.

3. Pilot

The pilot is a revolutionary wearable ambitious hearing device. It has a real-time smart earpiece translation sitting at the inner part of the ear featuring a microphone capturing audio from the person on the other end.

The pilot is available in three different colours, offering secondary earpiece to share or stream music to the other person. A comparison app will help you switch between different languages and then use them in offline mode when traveling overseas. You can also opt to use the conference mode allowing people who speak different languages to communicate on the same call. The pilot is set to be enrolled in May 2017 with additional languages to be added later in the year. Currently, it has raised over $1 million on the Indiegogo and crushing its $75,000 target within the time left for its campaign. A $199 will earn you two earpieces while pledging over $359, will earn you Pilots for the whole family.

4. Knocki

Knocki is a smart home sensor which turns any hard surface- tables and walls- into the control platforms for the connected kit. Knocki is customized to perform automated tasks like switching bright lights off or on, turning your music on and/or unlocking a Wi-Fi enabled door.

You can set up two-tap method for a simple task like music and light examples. The security sensitive actions require an intricate tapping pattern. The app is capable of storing ten works hence compatible with other smart home systems like Samsung, Nest, WeMo and SmartThings. It has managed to raise $500,000 which is above its set target of $35,000. One will need $79 to grab one knocki when the shipment materializes in December 2016.

5. Juvo Sleep Tracker

Juvo is the new sleep tracker in Indiegogo. It uses the fiber optic sensors which slip underneath the mattress so as to keep tabs on a person’s slumber stats. It tracks breathing, movement, light, heart rate, REM, and deep sleep and also monitors light and noise disturbance. It then recommends the best time to set the alarm, the best temperature in your room and the bedside unit to play soothing music. Juvo crept over the set target to finish with $53,490 up from $50,000 goal.

6. Eye Catcher

Eye Catcher
It displays the patterns, time, and notifications on its five-inches, a screen that is always on. The 100mAh battery lasts for a whole year on one charge.

It comes in both female and male styles. It has an 8MB inbuilt memory enabling you to select the specific images to display when the phone is out of range. It is available on pre-order at a price of $239 which might later rise to $264 after the level is completely sold out.


Crowdfunding is an essential part of the launching of any tech product. It focuses on more features other than just money. Many of the current Kickstarter will have dough abundance but still use the site to generate buzz, collect pre-orders and to get coverage. Others will be in the crying need to receive a cash injection. One should exercise caution however before selecting either Indiegogo or Kickstarter. The former will allow you to take home money even if the project fails.


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