Ugly Truth About Wearable Devices


Do you wear computers in your body? Some things must really bothering you. If you scrutinize comments about wearable technology, you will definitely find some optimism. Whereas ugly is in the eyes of the beholder there are some people who view our computers, phones and tablets as symbol status signs by thinking that the clothing and accessories are tied to our identities than nothing else.

In the past few years, there has been the wave of wearable devices and the trend seems unstoppable. Last week, tech giants including Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola displayed their next intentions at wrist-worn technology. Every attempt was met with some kind of sartorial criticism.

Despite of seeming agreement from the tech press about the aesthetic appeal of the wearable devices, such as Moto 360 and Pebble’s Steel, some people are fast in identifying the gaffes. It appears that the world is still waiting for a wearable device that will have everyone strapping a computer to his/her wrist, face, waist, etc. However, the exact obstacle when it comes to wearable technology is taste and not style.

In a recent publication by New York Times, Nick Bilton wrote a speculative editorial claiming that the release of iWatch could finally take the wearable technology mainstream. Since Apple has an excellent reputation when it comes to technology, in terms of design, technicians and businesspeople, there is no doubt that it will come up with a beautiful piece of machinery. However, regardless of how versatile or beautiful the design, it can’t appeal every person.

This is the main reason why everyone in the wearable game has a proven ability to come up with successful consumer technologies. Some people can even concur that they have started conforming with the style, but the bitter truth is we all fancy ourselves individually every time we wear our clothes in the morning. There has never been a single company, let alone Samsung or Motorola, whose products appeal every person.

Regardless of whichever device Apple introduces in the market, either a watch or a condom, it will definitely be a meticulously designed piece of hardware. However, to take off, it will require much more robust and diverse market which should include several wearable gadgets to fit different persons’ preferences. It will cost Apple more than NFC, fitness tracking and Jony Ive’s magic touch. It has to introduce more than killer features and refined hardware. This means it might take some time before hitting the market.

You may happen to have been drawn in by the personalization of technology products. Possibly, there is no single gadget has appealed or satisfied your needs. Once a person becomes used to something, he/she starts looking for fresh designs. Something else that bothers more is the cost of these wearable gadgets. Some people opt for free versions, but the fact is but did nothing greater either.

It is worth noting that unless you become a designer, it will be very difficult or nearly impossible find a product that is customized to meet all your needs. Tech giants are looking for wearable devices that are easy to use ad learn. Not many people would like to spend more time learning how to operate such devices. This is the main reason why tech companies want to come up with wearable devices that are user friendly and easily operated.

People evolve, and so does the technology. It may take even longer before a product that will be a requirement, if not a need for every person, to find its way in to the market. This is the ugly truth behind wearable technology.


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