Train Smarter With The FT-7 Fitness Band


Is your lifestyle affecting your health? Are you concerned with your level of fitness and how it affects certain aspects of your health? Do you want to raise your fitness level? If your answer to all these questions is yes, then, the FT-7 is for you. The FT-7 is a fitness tracker developed by the Polar Company. The device comes with a Polar FT-7 training computer, starting guide and a Polar Wearlink comprising of a transmitter. This wearable fitness device combines fitness and health by monitoring the user’s activities, measuring the heart rate and calculating the calories and fats burnt. Based on your physical characteristics such as gender, height and weight, the device is capable of calculating calories burnt in a personalized manner.


  • The FT-7 uses a replaceable battery that requires replacement once the previous one is over.
  • The gadget has a screen that displays basic fitness data, heart rate, calories or fats burned and the battery level.

How to use?

Although the device may seem a little complicated due to the additional accessories accompanying it, this is not the case. Once this watch-like fitness device has been fastened onto the wrist, it is all systems go. The device begins to monitor your activities and calories burnt. This information is then displayed onto the screen. To observe your heart rate, the chest strap is placed on the chest and likewise, the data is displayed on the screen. The device has a relatively large memory that stores up to 99 files of fitness and health data.

Unique features

  • The FT-7 has no buttons on its band. Instead, it uses heart touch technology to allow the user to operate the device without any buttons.
  • The device is constructed with a water resistant design. Many gadgets though claiming to be water resistant, discourage users from fully submerging the fitness tracker in water. However, the FT-7 give room for submersion of the gadget up to approximately 98 inches below the water surface. This makes the device suitable for swimming and other water activities.
  • Polar FT-7 uses Polar OwnCal to calculate the amount of calories that have been burnt. This calculation can be done per training session and later on accumulated for analysis for numerous training sessions over a period of time.

What the gadget can do for you?

Unlike most fitness trackers that are solely meant for tracking the fitness levels, FT-7 surpasses all expectations to perform the following functions:

  • Measure the heart rate of the wearer.
  • Calculate calories burnt.
  • Monitors physical activities done.

Customer reviews

Polar FT-7 has received mixed reactions from its users. Some customers were pleased with the different types of functions the device could perform. With the Polar FT-7, users did not require to wear a watch to time their workouts. The gadget did not only display fitness data but also the time. Its water resistant design made it useful for a wide range of exercises and physical activities. However, there were reports from other clients who claimed that the heart rate monitor did not work. Similarly, the screen display was a let down for many since visibility was challenged unless under direct lighting.


Even with its short comings, the Polar FT-7 remains to be an amazing fitness gadget. Its capabilities to identify whether fats or calories are being burnt, are like no other. This gadget comes with a guide that makes the start up quite easy. You o not require many gadgets to determine your fitness: the Polar FT-7 does it all for you at one go.


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