Wearable Loop Ring

Meet The Smart Loop Ring That Will Be Your Secure And Silent Guardian


Security is one of the burning issues that are affecting many people today. There are many security elements that have to be considered to oneself especially when facing emergency situations or while you find yourself in an emergency condition. This is mainly because people have been turning and using their mobile phones in case of emergencies. However, in some situations, taking out your mobile phone might be difficult, and that is why people and technological companies have invented smart wearable devices designed to ensure your security at all times. This includes the new Smart Loop ring that is designed to empower you as an individual in a discreet, private and fashionable way.

Loop Ring: What It Is?

This is a smart wearable device that has been designed by Be Wear. The device comes in the form of a ring that is fashionable, unique and integrates with your daily wear seamlessly. In addition, it is designed to ensure your safety as an individual by discreetly pressing a button located at the side of the ring. Furthermore, it is multifunctional and can be paired with any apparel making it suitable for everyday wear; this, in turn, ensures that you are guarded, and your security ensured.

Loop Ring: What It Is

Loop Ring: History Behind It

The Be Wear company founder as he puts it was inspired by what happened in his younger days in Columbia. He grew up understanding the essentiality of ensuring your safety as an individual and therefore, sought to make sure everyone was safe at all times. In addition, he claims that in an emergency situation, people tend to go numb and the mind does not function as fast or quick as desired to save the situation. Therefore, with the Loop Ring, one has the opportunity and advantage to reach out and get help within a short while.

Loop Ring: How It Works?

Loop Ring: How It Works?
The Loop Ring comes with a companion app. The app allows you to enter all your essential details and do a proper or a standard device setup. You also enter several individual contacts to be notified in case of an emergency. With all the set completed, you can now press the button on the side of the device to send the notification message. Apart from the emergency message, the Loop Ring also notifies your contacts of you current location making it easy and faster to get to you. You can have around five family members, or friends set up as your contact, and they will be able to know where you are whenever you press the button indicating your emergency needs.

Loop Ring: Transparent Technology

This kind or type of technology is one that is seen everywhere and yet it is very discreet in its appearance. Ranging from headphones, earphones, conspicuous eye glasses among others that have been replicated and represent advanced technological capabilities. The technology continuous to be in use and it seemed the best when making the Loop Ring admits Zamorano the device designer and founder of the Be Wear Company. Furthermore, people prefer their privacy and discreetness of the said device is paramount if it were going to work. The ability of the Loop Ring to seamlessly be incorporated into our everyday wear makes it a perfect choice.

Transparent Technology

Loop Ring: Is It For Security Only?

At first, the device was designed to offer women and girls who were assaulted to get assistance. In addition, it was also for women suffering from domestic violence to get help. However, with time and advancement in research, the device can now be used for many different purposes apart from ensuring your security. Now, people suffering from PTSD and others on anxiety attacks have the ability to access assistance within a short while by pressing the button on the ring.

Loop Ring: Competition

The wearable safety devices have been on increasing trend making it dull to have the same technology replicated with each and every turn. So, what makes the Loop Ring any different? According to Zamorano, the competition is a healthy way to go as the entities are trying to ensure safety and promote it in a discreet manner. However, he indicates that the Loop Ring has a unique design, fashion taste and its use is highly simplified making it perfect and easy to use.

Loop Ring: Successful?

Loop Ring
Zamorano says that the Loop Ring has already been certified and allowed to enter the market. In addition, they have already fielded around 500 Loop Rings that have been tested and are currently aiming for a new fund. Furthermore, they have been given the confirmation of compatibility of their companion app with the most prominent operating systems i.e. Android and iOS. Also, crowd funding may be difficult to acquire, but Loop Ring seems to have had a direct and smooth operations with them making it more prominent on the efficiency or usability of this device.

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Loop Ring is a wearable and smart device that is worth checking out and trying it on. We are looking forward to what kind of advancement of the Loop Ring will be joining us or updated for the device in the near future.


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