The First Ever Strapless HRM: Mio Alpha


Introducing the first ever strapless wearable heart rate monitor. The Mio heart rate monitor is capable of monitoring your heart rate even during intense activities such as running of up to 20km/h. although devoid of chest straps, the Mio Alpha renders accurate heart rate results. This heart rate monitor watch uses an array of advanced technology to ensure that it is user friendly while offering quality functions. The Mio Alpha heart rate monitor watch is compatible with smart phones running on iOS, iPhone 4S and 5 in particular.


  • Mio Alpha uses Bluetooth smart 4.0 to wirelessly connect to compatible iOS devices. This connectivity allows users to obtain added workout data such as speed, GPS and distance covered among others.
  • The devices has a screen that displays data. The LCD screen with negative dot-matrix displays data clearly even under low lighting.
  • The device uses a rechargeable lithium polymer battery. During workout sessions, the device has a battery life of between 10-15 hours. Mio Alpha uses a USB cable for charging.
  • This heart rate monitor also works as a common watch to display real time. It also has stopwatch setting for accurate time recording during workout sessions.

How do we use it?

The Mio Alpha is a watch-like device and thus worn on the wrist. The watch is then activated as the workout session commences. This heart rate monitor pairs up two light beams with an electro-optical cell in order to identify the volume of blood flowing. This information is then used to determine the heart rate of the wearer. Once this is determined, the heart rate data is displayed on the LCD screen. For data reviews, the devices connects wirelessly to your smart phone and subsequently to a compatible fitness app.

Unique features

The gadget uses continuous heart rate monitor technology to provide accurate heart rate readings without necessarily requiring a chest strap. It also allows users to set their own heart rate zones. This will assist in optimizing their workout sessions. The device has a visual and audio notification system that keeps users within their heart rate zone. What the gadget can do for us? The Mio Alpha is solely a heart rate monitor watch. It does not have a wide range of fitness applications as many of the fitness devices. If you intend to use the Alpha, here are some of the functions you would expect:

  • It can work as a normal watch thus showing time
  • It monitors and displays your heart rate data.
  • It displays the total exercise time.
  • It is capable of notifying the wearer of his status in terms of his set target zone.
  • The watch has stopwatch setting for the purpose of effective training and time recording.

Word on the street

Being the first strapless heart rate monitor, Mio Alpha clearly solved the chest strap problem many people hated. Its compatibility to a variety of fitness apps was great as it did not limit users to a specific app. The gadget was reported to be very comfortable to wear and user friendly as well. However, the short battery life was a turn off for most people.


The Mio Alpha is the go to device for athletes, cyclists as well as other fitness embraceors. It offers accurate readings for purposes of proper heart rate monitoring. Its target zone will ensure you maintain your fitness levels throughout your workout sessions. The Mio Alpha is versatile thus compatible with numerous fitness apps such as miCoach, Strava, Wahoo fitness, MapMyRun, MapMyRide, Endomondo and RunKeeper.


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