Smartband F1

Smartband F1- An Innovative Fitness Tracker


Smartband F1 is a forthcoming fitness tracker, manufactured by Shenzhen based company in China as its first venture to the fitness tracker market. Shenzhen Company also referred as No.1, is one of the largest electronics manufacturers in China which was probably stirred by Xiaomi, their major competitor that lately released its known and accepted Mi Band 2 fitness tracker. The device is an innovative fitness tracker that is currently making headlines in all internet platforms because of its tech features and expected characteristic list. Smartband F1 is an important item to watch in the ultra-competitive fitness tracker in the world because of its distinct characteristics like being able to stay for a period of 100 days in a standby mode due to its ridiculously potent battery.

Characteristics of Smartband F1

Smartband F1 has the following unique features:

  • Vibrant heart rate monitor – The monitor is able to track your heart rate regularly as compared to other fitness trackers with a static heart rate monitor which only tracks your heart rate when you initiate a request.
  • Long lasting storage capacity – The device is capable of storing fitness data for 7 days as compared to other fitness trackers which have limited storage space and can only store fitness data for up to 28 hours of fitness activity before releasing all that data to your app or cloud account on your phone.
  • Android and iOS support – With an additional Smartphone app for both which will provide you all information of the breakdown of your fitness data for a day, week and for the whole month.
  • Colors – The device is available in various colors such as Gentleman Black, Deep Sea Blue, and Charm Purple.
  • Bracelet – The device contains a smart bracelet that will vibrate when a notification is received from your phone and helps you see an important notification when in a noisy place.
  • Very large battery – The battery is very large with a 230mAh large capacity polymer and can take a period of only an hour to charge to full capacity, it also has an unprecedented 100 days of battery life on standby mode.
  • Water resistant – The device is water resistant to 50 meters and it can be submerged to a greater depth as compared to other fitness trackers.

Smartband F1 device has also 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity and 0.91 AMOLED display.

Smartband F1 Feature

Benefits of Smartband F1

  • The device is water resistant and can resist water to a great depth as compared to other fitness trackers.
  • It has a very large battery that can use for up to 100 days on standby mode of your phone.
  • It has 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Has a large screen.
  • Its monitor can track you heart rate regularly as compared to other fitness that you are supposed to initiate a request for them to track your heart rate.
  • It is anticipated to be of low price making it fit for your budget.
  • It has a smart bracelet that will help you get a notification even when you are in a noisy surrounding as it will vibrate and this ensures that you do not miss any important information.

Official Release Date

The device will be in the market before summer 2017 as working models currently online. The company is still working on the device though some early images have leaked on the internet with some of its features.


The device is anticipated to cost between $50 and $60 USD. The device can still be sold at a higher price than the anticipated one because of its unique feature that makes it performs excellently well as compared to others. These qualities include its ability to resist water up to 50 meters deep, regular tracking of your heart rate and its long life battery of up to 100 days in standby mode.

Smartband F1 Price

Additional Products by Shenzhen

The company has already released various smart watches which include the No.1 G4 AND THE No.1 D5+. The company too has released a rugged phone which includes the No.1 A9. No.1 X1 and No.1 X21.

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Shenzhen Company is anticipating to venture into fitness tracker market to produce a powerful Smartband F1 fitness tracker with great characteristics sets like water-resistant device, ridiculously long battery life, complete fitness tracking, Bluetooth connectivity large screen and for a low price. Smartband F1 will be sold within China or from Chinese online retailers and the other products too can be bought on the platforms.


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