Smart glass and virtual keyboard technology

Smart Glass and Virtual Keyboard Technology


Korean institute of science and technology has developed a smart glass containing stereo vision which allows people to send text messages and browse the internet by providing a virtual keyboard. This invention has replaced the previously used head mounted displays which had a shortfall of poor user interface, it was heavy in weight, and had a short battery life. The heavy weight made it difficult for users to wear it for a long time and this means they could not be used for operations that would take long. In fact, these HMDs could not be classified under wearable technology and science researchers concluded that they were just extensions of smartphones.

How was a Smart Glass Developed?

The smart glass was developed using state of the art technology in order to bring out the three dimensional factor as of human vision. It was installed with two lenses placed in horizontal position from each other to create an illusion of the positioning of the right and left human eyes. Because of this orientation, both cameras are able to take photos of the same object and combine to create the 3D perception. In other words, this gadget is made to function like a human eye in bringing the three dimensional aspect into images. While enjoying the views, users also have an advantage of being in a position to text and communicate via the internet.

The cameras are powerful such that they are able to operate for more than 24 hours nonstop. This amazing technology has ensured that the smart glass projects the images and voices it captures with high levels of precision and within a very short time. It has a multi core processor that automatically shifts to idle mode when the device stays without being used for a few minutes. This is to ensure that power is not used up in unproductive activities. It switches back to active mode immediately the sensor detects activity on the lenses.

Smart Glass Developed

The Technology behind it

The smart glass which is commonly referred to as the K-Glass and has three generations with the latest being K-Glass 3 which was developed in 2015. As mentioned earlier, this technology is built on stereo camera. Besides this, it also installed with double microphones, one for each camera and this explains the speed with which it takes in voice commands. A WiFi connection is available as well to enable it access the internet hence perform its communication function. It comes with eight batteries which are powerful enough and that allow the gadget to stay on longer than most smartphones. The K Glass 3 is designed in a way that allows it to offer a high level of accuracy and increased real life experience when compared to its predecessors.

The developers pride in the fact that they have been successful in this invention especially where they installed a multi core processor which consumes less power but is more efficient in terms of performance. As technology keeps advancing, gadgets are reducing in size but increasing in efficiency and this is what the wearable technology idea is built from. For this reason, there are plans to incorporate the smart glass technology into daily activities and have them replace the gadgets we are used to such as our smartphones. This however will not happen in the near future because of the rigidity most people have when it comes to changing from what they are used to.

This K glass is expected to cause a revolution in the tech world since it has made technology to be more mobile. Once it is fully distributed, it will be much easier to even work from a remote location without having to carry your laptop everywhere. All you will need to do is to project the virtual keyboard and start browsing the internet. Besides the comfort that it comes with, it also has the advantage of having sufficient storage that will allow you save so much of your special moments for later viewing.

The light weight of this gadget makes it possible for the user to go anywhere with it and since it keeps power for long, it enables users to work and have online entertainment any day anytime, anywhere. Besides the virtual keyboard, this application is able to project a piano that can be used by anyone seeking to learn the new skill of playing piano.


The invention of the smart glass was a blessing to many people who are now able to carry their office wherever they are. In fact, it is predicted that in the next two years, more people will have adapted to working from home. This smart glass technology is expected to attract more users in the internet world. Besides this it is a cool gadget to walk around with. Imagine the attention and envy you will attract when you are sitted in a public place typing on a keyboard that is suspended in the air.


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