HTC is launch its very first smartwatch

HTC is about to Launch its very First Smartwatch – with a Twist!


HTC was a company founded in 1997. The Company has really risen to glory in the last decade, competing with some of the top dogs in the industry like Samsung. Of late, HTC has produced some good phones but in this industry, good doesn’t cut it rather, the phone has to be nothing short of spectacular. HTC produces HTC one M9 which was rather really good. The phone was also disappointing on some other levels as it had some features that did not quite cut it. For example, the phone had a battery that could not keep charge for a very long time, its camera was not so good and on top of that the design was just the same old same old and there was nothing really new to look forward to. It seems though that HTC is not taking any chances this time round as they are rumored to be in the process of developing their Windows 10 phone and probably launching it in the first half of 2016.People expected the phone to be launched earlier this year but apparently, the company is going for nothing short of perfection in terms of design, features and basically everything else. Rumors are that the phone would have been launched earlier but it has taken them more as some models kept being declined the moment they were presented.

Let’s face it, it is crucial for HTC to get back in the game as of recently, they have not really been cutting it. Some of the phone giants have been launching some amazing phones and coming out with a bang. Giants like Samsung who recently launched Samsung Galaxy s7 came out with a bang as the phone has really been doing well in the market as its features are just incredible. We cannot really complain about HTC taking their sweet time to launch their Windows phone as the company has some really big shoes to fill. I mean, some of the phones that HTC Windows M10 has to compete with are really incredible. Some of the phones include, Samsung Galaxy S7 which was launched by Samsung earlier this year, Sony Xperia Z5 which is also already out, LG G4,iPhone 6s as well as iPhone 6s plus. Most of these phones are already out and on top of that, are really doing well in the market.

HTC One Smartwatch

The Windows phone is really gaining popularity out there against some of its counterparts, Android and IOS. The Windows phone was not really doing well before but they slowly keep coming up and can now compete with the big leagues. So far, not many phones have been equipped with the Windows 10.Only phones like Lumia 950 AND Lumia 650 have the newest operating system. Lumia is set to also update some of its other phones with the newest operating system as that is what some of the giant companies are planning to do.

HTC has not been sleeping and has decide to rise up to the task. In 2014,HTC launched the HTC One M8.Claims have been out there saying that the company is planning to release the Windows 10 phone together with their first ever smartwatch. This seems like it will be a big year for the company. A posting had been made recently on the Redmond website stating about the Windows 10 phone. Some say that the Smartphone will be out by April while others claim that the smartphone will be launched together with the Windows phone. Apparently, the smartphone had been spotted on the company’s video and people were very much excited as they thought the smartphone would be out by the end of 2015 or earlier this year. However, the CEO of the company, Peter Chuo was quoted saying that this time around the company is planning to take its sweet time and will be careful not to produce any gadgets that are not up to standard.

Apparently, the smartwatch will be called HTC One smartwatch as it is the first smartwatch to be produced by the company. The launching of the HTC One M10 will happen pretty soon and probably the launching of the smartphone will also be done then at the Mobile World Congress. The phone is said to be made available to the USA first and later on to the other countries. All we can do is wait and see and await the Windows 10 phone, hoping that its features.


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