Shot Tracker: Improve On Your Accuracy


If it is not broken then do not fix it. This saying suggests that if anything is faulty it should be fixed. In sports, this is a saying illustrated on many occasions where players mainly concentrate on their weaknesses in an attempt to improve them. This is the same in the case of basketball. However, how would you know of your faults if your accuracy is not measured? Introducing the shot tracker from the Shot Tracker Company. The shot tracker is a unique wearable gadget meant for basketball players regardless of their status. This device is used to monitor the shots taken while playing basketball. It measures the accuracy of the shooting in terms of successful shots as well as failed shots. The device in conjunction with its smart phone app then assist the player in ways of making more successful shot patterns.


  • The shot tracker package is powered by a battery. This battery is rechargeable. The battery life may differ depending on the general usage of all the gadgets contained in the package.
  • This device uses wireless connection in transferring data from the individual sensors onto the mobile app. This wireless connection allows the mobile application to give real time data analysis.
  • Shot tracker connects to a variety of social network platforms such as Facebook and twitter to name but a few.

How to use?

The shot tracker package is made of two major components being the net sensor and the wrist sensor. Although this may seem like a lot to understand, the working of the device is quite simple. Before beginning your training session the net sensor should be attached to the net. Once that is done, the wrist sensor is worn. The final step involves activating the mobile app. This app that is compatible with devices running on the iOS system will receive the data, analyze it and display it in graphical presentation for simplification. The app will use this data to identify your shooting pattern. It will then correct your errors in the pattern and assist you to come up with a more effective pattern for more accurate scores.

Unique features

  • Unlike most sports sensors, the spot sensor has a handful of unique features that make it stand out. The entire package consists of two sensors which ensure that the device is capable of collecting accurate data and providing relevant results.
  • The first sensor is the net sensor. This sensor is normally attached to the net of the hoop in which the player is carrying out the shots. It is responsible for the detecting, recording and overall tally of the successful shots.
  • The second sensor is the wrist sensor. This sensor is directly worn on the wrist of the player. It counts the total number of attempts made by the player. This attempts could result into failed shots or successful shots.

What this gadget can do for us?

  • The shot tracker is a sports gadget that offers a wide range of services to its wearers. The functions of this device include:
  • Counting the number of shots taken by the wearer. This is done by the wrist sensor.
  • Counting and recording the number of shots that have entered the net (successful shots). This function is carried out by the net sensor.
  • It assists the wearers in determining the right pattern that would enable them make more accurate and successful shots.

Word on the street

Since the device has been in the market for a very limited amount of time, there is not much said about it. Most consumer reviews were based on the accuracy that the shot tracker exhibited. The customers were also appreciative of the device’s capability to come up with a more effective pattern.


If you are a basketball player looking to perfect on your shooting, then the Shot Tracker is the gadget for you. Not only will this tracker track your shots, it will identify errors in your shot pattern. It will then use the information collected to help you develop a different pattern which will optimize on your shooting experience. Make more accurate shots with the Shot Tracker.


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