Safer Workouts With Notch


This is by far one of the best activity trackers for individuals who indulge in a variety of sporting activities. Notch is a stylish, compact device that monitors body movements. This motion tracker is also capable of identifying individual body structure. This data is then used to develop a suitable, more efficient body motion in an attempt to increase performance. As a result, the risk of encountering any injuries is reduced. The Notch is a minute sized gadget similar in size to a coin. In addition, it is light enough to render its weight negligible. This wearable gadget uses advanced technology to render accurate results.


Notch uses a built-in Bluetooth to wirelessly connect to compatible smartphones. This subsequently enables the device to connect to its mobile phone app. The application uses 3D display to activity information. Moreover, it allows users to share their information with other Notch users.Notch is manufactured using aluminum. This enables the device to last long thus making it durable over time.

How we use it?

Unlike many trackers that are either worn on the wrist or on the ankle, the Notch is worn on clothing. The wearer attaches it to his clothes and fastens it for secure positioning. As the wearer performs his activities, the device records the data thanks to the availability of multiple sensors. The recorded data is then transferred wirelessly to a compatible smartphone where it can be viewed and analyzed.

Unique features

  • The device has snap fasteners that adapt to any type of fabric. This ensures that the device remains in position even during intense workouts.
  • The device consists of 10 sensors that are capable of identifying different body movements during different activities such as serving the ball during a racket game. These sensors have the ability to collect data that is then used to determine your body movements.
  • The inertial measurement units embedded within the Notch enable the device to track body motion in two different ways, continuous or as required. The recording of movement data during required periods is made possible through the pause, record and stop settings.

What can the gadget do for us?

The Notch wearable device is solely produced to monitor body movements. This device uses an array of sensors that detect different body movements. The technology used enables the device to determine the best body motions for an effective workout as well as to reduce potential occurrence of injuries.

Word on the street

Many customers have appreciated the discrete nature of the Notch. Its small size, light weight nature enables the gadget to be worn without it seeming too pronounced on the garment. Its accuracy in monitoring and capturing body movements is a step above most of the other trackers in the market. Its capability to determine proper body movements is an added advantage as it helps individuals to avoid risky body postures and motions.

Final take

The Notch is an accurate motion tracker that not only detects your body motions but also suggests proper body postures that are sure to reduce the possibilities of injuries. Make your workout sessions and sport activities more effective and safer by using the Notch.


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