Procool I System Complete


Getting into shape can be a challenge. People often push themselves to do a sport and to train for an event. Technology is help people get into shape and allowing them to see how hard they need to push themselves to make meaningful progress. There are several new inventions that use technology that will help a person lose weight or train for a sport. The Procool I System Complete uses the latest in technology for fitness purposes.

What is the Procool I?
The Procool I is a shirt that is designed to be worn during a workout program. This shirt is used by athletes, surgeons, firefighters, and others that work in high stress fields. It can also be worn by the average person while they are exercising. This shirt is designed to help keep a person cool and provide a cooling effect so the wearer does not overheat. This shirt works well in heated environments or with people that are exercising. Many people chose to wear the Procool I shirt because it will keep them from overheating. The shirt will allow a person to cool down which can prevent death in extreme temperatures or if the body gets too hot. It can also prevent a person from feeling ill due to becoming too hot.

Why use the Procool I?
In addition to health related reasons this shirt can make working out more comfortable. With the cooling effect a person can continue with their workout routine. They will still be burning fat and calories only they will be more comfortable doing so. A person will be able to train for a longer period of time. Since they feel comfortable instead of hot they can keep the exercise going and keep on working out. This device also comes with a portable C02 tank. This tank provides the cooling effect. It has enough C02 in it to provide the cooling effect for up to one hour. The shirt is worn on the torso and will move with a person as they exercise.

What Sets the Procool I Apart?
There are several features that set he Procool I apart from other workout aids. The C02 is liquid form and is easy to carry around. This is the only system that comes with a C02 tank to ensure a person will be cool at all times. The shirt is still lightweight to wear. It will not weight anyone down. The cooling system is designed to keep a person from getting sick and staying cool while they are pushing themselves to the extreme.

Important Information About the Procool I
There is some information to keep in mind when using this product. The system is designed to provide a cooling effect and should only be used during the workout. This will prevent overheating from occurring. This is the only device that is approved to be used in hot environments and is safe to use in a number of different of environments. The shirt can be worn under clothing and it can also be worn on the outside of the clothing. A person will not have to worry about heat stroke with this program. The shirt is easy to wear and it is very light. The shirt weights less then two pounds. It will not be able to way a person down during their workout. This is designed to fit more people from a size small to the larger sizes. It can also be washed in the washer machine with the rest of the laundry. The fabric of the shirt is made from moisture wicking fabric. This will prevent it from sticking to the skin and will able to able to handle sweat. It will also prevent the shirt from weighting a person down. In order to use the C02 tank there is not electricity needed. No ice is needed either. It is refillable with liquid C02 so the tank can be used over and over again.

Users Reviews
According to real users the Procool I does work. People have reported they have been able to exercise for a longer period of time because they feel cool and comfortable. If this device can keep firefighters safe under extreme conditions it can help a person that is looking to get into shape by completing an exercise program. It is also safe for people to use that overheat easily.

The Procool I system is designed to keep a person cool and comfortable. If a person is cool they will be able to continue with their workout program. They will not feel ill and will be able to keep on going even when the times seem to be getting tough. This garment will allow a person to push themselves as far as they can go without putting themselves in any kind of dangerous situation from overheating.


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