Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Leaked Images Of New Samsung’s MR Gear Reveals Interesting Features


Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset rumors got another turn after the images leaked on a twitter platform. The images reveal that the headset will allow the user to blur lines between a reality and virtue world.

Mixed reality is believed to be the next step in human computing that combines both the physical and digital world. It is compatible with the Windows 10. It immerses you in an experience that is not limited to the screen size of your PC.

Unfortunately, Samsung has not commented or issued any information regarding these leaked photos.

The leaked photos have given us a chance to predict what to expect from this Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset. From the photos, this headset appears to include six degree-of-freedom tracking just like most of the Microsoft’s headsets.

Samsung Windows Mixed Reality Headset
This allows the viewing of objects from all angles and in a 360-degree sphere. The pictures reveal the inbuilt headphones from AKG that are similar to those incorporated in Oculus’ Rift VR headset. They deliver to the user a mixed reality experience.

Surprisingly, it seems that Samsung will be shipping these headsets with Microsoft’s motion controllers.

The leaked photos are almost enough indication that the launching is forthcoming, and it’s like we have a clear picture of what to expect from them.

In the coming week, Microsoft is planning to hold a special event on the Mixed Reality, and there is a possibility that Samsung’s headset might be a part of any announcement.

The Microsoft’s Hololens Headset

Microsoft’s Hololens Headset
Just like the other Mixed Reality headsets, the images reveal that Samsung’s headset appears to include six degree-of-freedom tracking. It is designed with multiple sensors that understand the diverse environment.

The holographic lens creates multi-dimensional full-color holograms through utilizing an optical projection system.

Source Of The Leaked Photos

The Twitter User WalkingCat has leaked the pictures of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset.

The user has a reputation of leaking various details about Microsoft-related announcements in the past.

The General Appearance Of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Appearance Of Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset
From the photos released by Twitter User WalkingCat, it shows that Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset will be available in black color. We are not certain whether there are other colors available.

A closer look of the images shows Samsung name on the headband. Down the side of the headset, the words Windows Mixed Reality are written down.
It is almost clear that the new device will have pretty looking controllers built in the headset.

The approach of this integrated audio is unique and has not been seen in other Mixed Reality Headsets been announced including Dell, Lenovo, and Acer. AKG branding clearly indicates that Samsung has integrated a pair of AKG headphones in their headset.

From the images, it seems to have adjustable cushions to fit perfectly over the user’s ears.

The Specs Of This Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Specs Of This Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality Headset
While there were no indications of the device specification and features from the leaked images, there is enough information to predict the features of the device.

Tech enthusiasts and those who have been tracing the development of these wearable tech says that it is likely to fall in line with other Windows Mixed Reality headsets been announced.

However, less is known about its specs.

From the leaked images, you can clearly see the two pairs of depth-sensing front cameras. This will allow the user to have room-scale tracking thus no need of filling the house with sensors.

You will only need to put on the headset, plug it into your PC, and get started leaving your hands free to interact with the mixed world.

The Launching Of Mixed Reality Headsets

The leaking of this images is well timed since the Microsoft are planning to hold an even on Mixed Reality headset on 3rd October in San Francisco.

They have partnered with different companies whose headsets are expected to launch thereafter, to bring to their customers powerful and affordable VR.

From next month, the Mixed Reality Headsets from different companies are expected to launch alongside with Microsoft’s Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th.

The headsets expected to launch are from Acer at a price of $299, HP at a price of $450 and has motion controllers, and Dell or Lenovo at a price of $349.

Despite Asus showing off its Windows Mixed Reality headset’s unique polygon design, it will not be releasing them to the market this year until Spring 2018.

Samsung might be preparing to unveil their handset in the near future and maybe ship it later. It appears to include Microsoft motion controllers.

This may suggest that the device might be among those being announced next week. And within a short time, we will be able to tell whether these pictures are the real deal.

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The leaked images on Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset reveals that the company is working on these headsets aimed at Windows users.

The pictures reveal a device with two front cameras, six degree-of-freedom tracking, and AKG-branded headphones. They suggest that Samsung could be one of Windows’ partner brands in its MR endeavor.

This leak clearly indicates that Samsung has a lot of wearable tech developments that are ongoing. It gives us a reason to keep an eye on the company for new tech devices and innovations. It is a win for the customers.

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