Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2- A Mind-Blowing Activity Tracker for Kids


Garmin’s Vivofit Jr. 2 kids tracker is a wearable device designed for kids to track their steps. It is designed in a way that it is fun for them to be in and to use it.

It turns getting fit into little games. This helps your kid to remain healthy and fit throughout the day.

It awards your kid with virtual coins for achieving their fitness goals. To make it more interesting, the parent may reward them for accomplishing their goals according to the coins awarded.

Everyday accomplishment unlocks a new level of adventure on the mobile app.

The Manufacturer Of Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker

Manufacturer Of Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker

Garmin developed this wearable device. He teamed up with Disney to make it a little more fun by combining the Disney adventures with the tracking technology.

This enables them to create different branded variants of the trackers featuring Mickey Mouse, Avengers, and Star Wars themes.

The Features Of Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker

  • Companion App

    This wearable device comes along with a companion app, which is installed on your Android or OS operating system smartphone. The app gives an output of what the device tracks during the day.

    The app allows the parents to set scheduling reminders, check in on sleep and step information, and assign and reward chores.

  • The Disney Bands

    The bands are of two types, i.e., adjustable or stretchy bands. The adjustable ones are designed for kids above the age of 6 years, and the stretchy ones are for kids between the age of 4-7 years.

    Each band comes with an unlock code that unlocks particular band’s software adventures for that particular Disney band upon accomplishing the advocated 60 minutes of activity in a day.

    This makes it more fun for the kid and instills the want to accomplish their goals in order to proceed to the next level.

  • The Themes


    This device comes in three different Disney bands each featuring two different themes, i.e., stretchy and adjustable bands. The band’s themes are either stretchable of adjustable Star Wars, Captain America, or Mickey Mouse.

    They determine the adventures to be unlocked in your phone. For example, if you have the Mickey Mouse band, the scenes to be unlocked will revolve around Mickey Mouse.

  • Battery

    It has a durable battery that will last you for a year. It is also replaceable.

  • Water Resistant

    It is resistant to water making it fit to shower or swim with it.

  • Color Screens

    By default, the screen displays the time and date upon pressing the button once. Pressing it again displays the number of steps achieved on that day.

    Pressing it once more, it will display the active minute’s goal, which is 60 minutes by default. You can tap the button again to display accomplished chores, coin earnings of the day, and finally the star rating.

  • Reminder Alerts

    This device features up to 8 alerts and two alarms. They allow the parents to schedule alerts for their kids.

How Do You Set Up The Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker?

Garmin Vivofit Jr Mobile App

To begin with, you need to set up the unit, app, and family instantiated. A Vivofit Jr. app that should be installed on the parent’s phone runs this device. Then, you should create a family within the app.

You can also pair with other people to manage the kids as well.

Pair this device with the app and configure either an avatar or default icon. After configuring, you can add a child to the family by setting the name, gender, age, and sleeping hours.

Finally, you should specify a step icon, which is tied to your theme.

How Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker Works?

This wearable device works by tracking the steps of your kid. It awards the kid with virtual coins upon accomplishing a chore or achieving their fitness goals.

If your kid accomplishes the 60 minutes goal, it unlocks new adventures in your smartphone.

The adventures include X-Wings, Captain America Shield Throwing, and Dancing Parties. In the process, your kid’s fitness and health is improved.

This smart tracker does not only track the steps but also the sleep. Your kids can start step challenges with their friends who have the Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids tracker.

The Availability And Pricing Of Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker

Pricing Of Vivofit Jr. 2 Kids Tracker

This wearable device comes along in different designs on their bands Mickey Mouse and friends, Star Wars, and Marvel. Each design comes in two different themes.

It is available on the brand’s website at a cost of £79.99. The bands are bought separately at a cost of £27.99.

You can also buy the entire Vivofit Jr. 2 box, which contains a small manual, replaceable coin cell battery,

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It is always important to find ways of keeping your kids active and healthy throughout the day. Getting your kid to wear a wearable track might not be easy. Vivofit Jr. 2 kids tracker is designed in a way that it is fun to be with.

It features Minnie Mouse and friends, Star Wars, and Marvel to make it fun for your kids to wear it. The tracker is essential in that it helps to track the distance your kid walks.

This will help parents to ensure that they accomplish 60 minutes activity in a day as advocated for.


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