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Testing a New Fitbit duo set for Launch at IFA 2016


Fitbit is currently testing two of its new gadgets and users should expect their launch sometime in September at the 2016 IFA. Experts continue to receive substantial information from trusted sources that the two gadgets namely Fermion and Laryon are currently being used secretly. In addition, rumor has it that, information about the duo is being hidden from snooping eyes. According to experts, this is the same technique Fitbit used when it was testing both the Blaze and Alta last year.

What exactly is IFA?

IFA is a body that presents the latest gadgets as well as the newest innovations from the whole world. The up-coming IFA event is expected to occur between 2-7 September at the ExpoCenter in Berlin. This is a massive venue that has a display area of up-to 1.6 million feet squared. It is expected to be attended by over 240,000 visitors who will have a chance to view around 10,000 innovations. The innovations will be presented in six days.

The Fitbit Tracker to Buy

Fitbit Tracker
If you are a lover of wearable technology and follow wearable news, you might have come across Fitbit Laryon on a number of legal documents. This includes the documents related to the lawsuit that Fitbit already has with Jawbone. However, this should be your first time to hear of the codename Fermion. In the past, Fitbit has made use of atom-themed monikers on its devices. For instance, it referred to the Alta as a Lepton, which is a half-integer particle. Similarly, the Laryon and Fermion fit this theme. The two are subatomic particles.

Information from trusted sources has revealed that, the new trackers from Fitbit will launch at IFA 2016 in Berlin. In relation to the ongoing trademark applications for both Fitbit Charge 2 and Fitbit Flex 2 being uncovered, it is possible to suggest without any reasonable doubt that, Fermion and Laryon are headed to becoming just like these two earlier Fitbit devices.

According to Wearable, users should expect the new Fitbit gadgets some months from now. Trusted sources close to the testing team, Fitbit beta have confirmed rumors that the two devices Fermin and Laryon are currently under public test ahead of the expected IFA 2016 to take place in Berlin. The sources have gone ahead to clarify that, it is difficult to establish the features of the two devices since they are being used discretely by people wearing black wristbands so that they can conceal the trackers.

However, this information does not come as a surprise to many. This is because James Park, the CEO of Fitbit had earlier on used the Q1 revenue announcement of his company to issue a number of hints in relation to the upcoming products. According to the CEO, the upcoming products from his company are exciting and people should look forward to using them. He did not provide additional details in relation to the Fitbit duo although he revealed that the two would launch late this year.

Fitbit gadgets

Although Fitbit did not issue information about the names, some trade filings released back in May by Trademark Office and the US Patent suggested that Fitbit had plans to release Fitbit Flex 2 and Charge 2. It is clear that, Fitbit will be focusing more on fashion rather than better functionality this year. This could be explained by the Alter tracker as well as the Blaze smartwatch.

Despite all this, more than a half of Fitbit’s first revenue was as a result of sales from its activity trackers. This questioned the need to keep their products fresh bearing in mind the growing competition. Interestingly, over 40% of Alta and Blaze users are individuals who had previously upgraded from the old Fitbit devices.

Little is known relating to the upcoming devices from Fitbit when it comes to features. However, people should expect the duo to have a refreshed design as well as interchangeable bands. In addition, a NFC mobile payment technology could be integrated. At the beginning of 2016, Fitbit made an announcement that it was in the process of acquiring a platform for mobile payment from startup Coin. People should therefore expect anything from the new Fitbit wearable. The San Francisco Company could finally release water resistant fitness trackers, you never know.

One great thing about the Fitbit app’s multi-tracker support is that, one can easily connect to multiple trackers using only one account. In addition, Fitbit detects automatically when a user switches between their accounts. This allows them to wear sport Surge during their workouts as well as Zip during work. This ensures that they never miss a single step.

The upcoming devices from Fitbit are making remarkable headlines because of the Surge and Charge HR, which have remained as their best sellers. The bands could be replaceable with soft satin finishes or stainless finish. Users should not expect a better heart- rate monitor, but the duo should come with beautiful LED screens, calendar notifications as well as ability to deliver sms connected to a Smartphone. In addition, Fitbit might improve on battery by equipping the duo with better batteries that could go for days without the need to recharge. Other features could be blood pressure monitoring and more health sensors.


The latest update regarding the lawsuit thatraised concern about the inaccuracy of the heart monitor is that it is still on-going. The success of the lawsuit remains unknown, but should be revealed soon. There are a number of factors that need to be put into consideration such as whether the users used the devices properly or not. However, a considerable number of experts have come forward to confirm that the monitor is accurate.


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