Metria IH1: The Evolution In Wearable Tech!


Technology is constantly changing. What appears to be new today maybe what is old tomorrow. The advancement in technology is quite intriguing. It is no longer just about speed. It is also about versatility, convenience as well as efficiency. Today’s technology is purposefully meant to enable a single gadget to perform as many functions as possible. It also concentrates on fashion; how presentable the device is.

Wearable technology has taken the market by storm. It has now become trendy to wear trackers be it fitness trackers or health trackers. Everyone is literally doing it. They could be worn on any part of the body. Wearable technology comes in different shapes, sizes and designs for the satisfaction of the wide market. They could be discreet or fashionably conspicuous.

Vancive Medical Technologies is one such company that has embraced the era of wearable technologies. Its latest product, the Metria IH1, is a unique tracker that records personal body data such as the body temperature and the different activities carried out by the wearer. Many wearable devices are meant for long term use. This is where the Metria IH1stands out. This wearable gadget is disposable thus enhancing privacy. The Metria IH1 is uniquely designed to be small and discreet without compromising on its efficiency.


  • Looking at the Metria IH1, you would not think much of it. However, there are numerous specifications within the device that enable it to function as effectively as it does. Formally referred to as a lifestyle assessment tool, the Metria IH1 works to improve on the lifestyle of its wearer. Below are just but some of the major features that make it worth your consideration.
  • Compatibility is a key aspect for any wearable tech. The Metria IH1 Is designed to be compatible with devices running on either a Windows Operating System or an OSX. The Metria IH1 is connected to the smart device or PC through a USB cable.
  • The Metria IH1 uses a rechargeable battery as its power source. However, the internal battery is only capable of allowing the device to collect data for the 1 week. The little remaining battery life is used to store data in the wearable device for a maximum of 28 days.

How To Use It?

As you might have noticed by now, the most unique aspect of this gadget is its design and its disposability. Once you purchase this lifestyle assessment tool, it is stuck to the upper left arm. The technology within the device then collects relevant data over a period of one week. Within this one week, the wearer should not remove the device. Once the week has elapsed, the gadget is removed and connected to a PC using a USB cable. The data for the entire week is then uploaded, viewed and analyzed using a compatible app. The Metria IH1 is then disposed of.

Unique Features

The Metria IH1 comes embedded with three major sensors:

  • Thermometer – this is used to measure the temperature of the wearer’s body
  • Accelerometer – known to all, the Metria IH1 has the capabilities of tracking activities performed. The accelerometer is the sensor responsible for such functions. It allows the gadget to monitor and track activities in all directions including vertical movements.
  • Galvanometer – this sensor is responsible for detecting electric current around the body of the wearer. It also detects the strength and magnitude of the current.

What Can This Wearable Gadget Do For Us?

Similar to many of the other trackers, the Metria IH1 is versatile and thus performs a wide range of functions. Such functions include:

  • Monitor and record activity data such as steps taken.
  • Monitoring sleep quality as well as registering the wearer’s sleeping patterns.
  • Recording the amount of calories burnt.
  • Record the body temperature.

Word On The Street

Its privacy policy cannot be much by other wearable gadgets. This has made the Metria IH1 receive thumbs up from its users. The Metria IH1 has also received a lot of support for its help in encouraging individuals to maintain healthier lifestyles. However, its price is not as low as many expected considering the fact that it is only useful for one week before it is disposed. Moreover, the disposable aspect may not go well with some individuals who would prefer a device with a long lasting life.

The Bottom Line

The functioning of this wearable gadget is proof that it is not a basic fitness or health tracker and should therefore not be treated as such. The sole purpose of the Metria IH1 is to encourage people to make smart choices and to live a much healthier lifestyle. This device has covered all basis in terms of design, efficiency, accuracy, privacy and uniqueness. At its relatively lower price, the Metria IH1 is definitely a worthwhile selection. If you are looking for discretion, effectiveness and style, then the Metria IH1 is the wearable gadget for you.


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