Manage Your Body with the Gobe Activity Monitor!


With today’s busy lifestyles, people are looking for simpler ways of keeping track of their lives. This has led to the wide acceptance of wearable gadgets. One gadget in particular seeks to create harmony between physical fitness and health.

Gobe is a wearable gadget that effortlessly combines activity tracking with health monitoring. This device consists of numerous features as well as technology that enables it to carry out a large number of functions effectively and accurately. Other than the basic activity monitoring, the Gobe is capable of monitoring the fluid levels, calories consumed and burnt, blood flow and heart rate amongst other functions. All these functions are performed digitally and thus does not require manual input of data by the wearer.


Gobe uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect with compatible devices. This enables the device to effortlessly your smart phone where it can be displayed.
Gobe, being one of the most versatile activity trackers there is, is widely accepted by the public. This wearable activity tracker is compatible with a wide range of devices running on either of the following OSs; Android, OSX, Windows as well as iOS.

How Does The Gobe Activity Monitor Work?

Although Gobe may perform a wide range of functions, the functioning of this device is not as complex as it may appear. Similar to many other activity trackers, Gobe is a wearable device worn on the wrist. Once on the wrist, the device is activated and the user is ready to go. As a matter of fact, that is all the user has to do, everything else is left to the device. Using a set of advanced technology, Gobe is capable of performing numerous functions without requiring any manual input of data by the user. This Healbe device not only monitors your activities, it also treats your health with uttermost importance. The device is capable of collecting information using the wearer’s bio data. This information in conjunction with the activities performed will enable the to analyze the individual and help them keep track of their health in an easier way – no need to manually log in any information. Once the data is collected, the device, via wireless connection, transfers the data to the smartphone for viewing.

Unique Features

  1. Accelerometer
    The accelerometer sensors embedded within the device are responsible for keeping track of body movements as well as monitoring the activities performed.
  2. Oximeter
    The oximeteris a unique sensor that is not located in many wearable devices. It measures the level of oxygen saturation in the blood circulation. This data will assist in identifying the heart rate as well as the blood flow.
  3. Skin impedance sensor
    As stated above, Gobe uses bio data for its analysis. The skin impedance sensor is responsible for monitoring and measuring bodily fluids.
  4. Waterproof
    The Gobe is a waterproof activity monitor which allows its wearers to use it under wet conditions such as in the shower or when taking a swim among other circumstances.
  5. Rechargeable Battery
    Rechargeable battery is the main power source for the Gobe. The device gets fully charged in one hour and its full speed ahead for the next three days.

What Can The Gobe Activity Tracker Do For You?

The Gobe is unlike any other activity tracker you have seen. Using advanced tech, the wearable device is capable of performing a wide range of functions. These functions include:&nbsp The Gobe monitors the amount of calories consumed as well as the amount burnt. This helps in maintaining a healthy weight.Users of the Gobe can monitor their glucose levels as well as measuring their movements. To achieve this, Gobe uses advanced tech to collect raw data through the skin.The device keeps track of your hydration levels.The Gobealso monitors the quality of sleep as well as the stress levels.Using advanced algorithms, Gobe is capable of monitoring your heart rate, fluid levels and blood flow.

Customer Reviews

There are numerous aspects about Gobe that are really attractive. One of the most unique aspects is its capability to measure the amount of calories eaten. Most of the other wearable gadgets would tell you how much you are burning without telling you how much you are consuming. This makes it quite difficult to ascertain that you are on a healthy trail. Accuracy is just but one of the words used to describe the Gobe. It does not require the user to offer any data. The device collects all the data and analyzes it thus assuring users of its accuracy. With its versatility in performance, and its long battery life, many consumers consider this the best activity tracker.

The Bottom Line

We are aware that nothing is perfect. However, the Gobe comes really close to being perfect. The Gobe is not all about activity tracking. It is also about giving its users a new experience when it comes to monitoring their health. Regardless of which operating system you use, Gobe is there to assist. Whether you are looking for design, performance, accuracy or versatility, Gobe is your best bet. It does not offer one or two of the aspects, but instead all the above stated aspects.


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