Livall’s BH51M Helmet

Livall’s BH51M Helmet that will Help You Stay Protected Amazingly


Livall has included in its own range of linked cycling wearables, right now permitting urban cyclists enjoying audio and also take calls even when biking.

The innovative BH51M is built with the Bluetooth performance to bring the users sound whenever cycling, together with Chinese company showing the speaker’s positioning over the ears would maintain them connected with outside world as well as make sure safety.

This also includes SOS function which alerts the emergency contact whenever rider falls from their bike as well as does not react in 90 seconds.

As well as normally, it is nevertheless targeting to retain riders secure in the seat via its unique lighting system that may be utilized to show direction (via a remote device on the handle-bars ) and also remain visible to the automobiles and also additional cyclists just on the street.

As with some other Livall intelligent helmets we have observed, BH51M enables groups to remain linked via radio walkie-talkie functionality, as well, and also providing an integrated ‘Push to Speak’ button that allows automatic calls whenever a user’s Android or even iOS Smartphone is close by.

In addition to layout, this is not a step forward from Livall. Different models have provided the similar Bluetooth audio and smart lighting capabilities, incorporating RS1, the firm’s very first design regarding winter sports introduced in IFA recently.

Even so, regarding cyclists who else were not a lover of the much more sporty appearance of the MT1 or BH60 helmets, this does symbolize an additional option to choose out of the Livall lists.

Livall’s BH51M Smart

Usually, The Company by itself signifies this helmet would be accessible right from end of the 3 the month February, yet has not however launched information on prices. We will be assessing the particular helmet out from the heading few weeks, although, so stay updated for the full look in its intelligent functionality.

Livall Bh51m: Attributes

The particular box consists of 1 helmet and also a little ‘Blingjet’ controller that installs to the handlebars as well as wirelessly handles things such as turn signals, call or music volume and also power.

Each the controller and helmet have to be charged through the small USB slot as well as cable supplied, even though there is just 1 cable so this hypothetically takes 2 times so long prior to the unique system is all set for usage.

Livall additionally has its unique application, which is suitable for iOS and Android smart phones and handles the majority of the performance of the Blingjet controller, and also providing a few adaptable adjustments of strobing backlights.

This app happens to be also important for all those who else want to utilize the automatic ‘walkie-talkie’ performance which enables the rider connecting with some other Livall users whenever out for the spin.

Just ahead of doing that all those contacts should be included into the application and also the group setup. After that, as long as Blingjet and helmet remote are linked to the application, these users may be attained via pushing the intercom-button in the remote control.

Fortunately, the automatic phone call alternative does not need a lot basic set-up as well as it is just a circumstance of integrating a phone together with the unique helmet after which utilizing a Smartphone as normal.

Livall’s BH51M

Some other attributes consist of an integrated 3 -axis gyroscope that finds in case an incident has happened and instantly transmits an alert toward a selected emergency contact so long as the Smartphone happens to be paired with this helmet, as well as a single photo button which instantly activates the particular camera right on the gadget.

Livall BH51M: While Traveling

We will have to acknowledge that the initial thing to hit us had been just exactly how dim all those back LEDs had been throughout hours of sunlight. Livall does not give specific lumen output information yet they are not really just as vibrant as less expensive standalone products in the marketplace.

We discovered accessing ‘flash’ setting up through the application enhanced visibility to some extent, as this rapidly illuminates almost all fourteen LEDs in fast succession, instead of the strobing the top level, however it would still be a bit unsatisfying.

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The yellow-colored signal lights had been not so difficult to run, as a fast jab upon the right or even left Blingjet joypad got them flashing just for a couple of seconds and after that instantly switching off.

It is most likely not all wise decision to ditch that obligatory arm signal totally, yet the signals offer an extra visual prompt for any automobiles drawing near from the backside.

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