Let The Melon Headband Get Your Focus And Keep It!



The Melon headband is a very special headband wearable device. It is also all about teaching one to meditate, focus, and totally relax. So, with all of this said, the Melon Headband is all about improving one’s brain at the end of the day on all fronts.


  • Power Source: Rechargeable battery
  • Connectivity is Blue-tooth
  • Compatibility is iOS
  • There is a video that can show people how to write creative essays, practice yoga, play games, and much more
  • The price for this product is $149.00

How Can We Use It?

  • Users of the Melon Headband are the ones who figure out exactly how to use it for themselves
  • You can enter anything at all that you want Melon to track for you overall
  • Melon will continue to monitor all of your focus levels personally
  • You get the opportunity to change what you already do know about yourself
  • You will learn to learn differently with Melon in your life

Unique Features

  • It monitors the electrical activity of the brain
  • It also measures mental activity data
  • Headband measures one’s focus
  • The Melon Headband has very little direction and this is because it allows you to create your own unique direction with it
  • Melon is able to approximate any results. However, it is not able to do them, by strictly using or measuring cause and effect.

What gadget can do for us?

  • Melon is backed up by good science.
  • The headband displays the ability to focus by using one’s own EEG to measure brain wave activity
  • The app and headband are said to track whatever one lacks focus in and offers him or her tips on how to improve it.
  • Melon can also detect when you have lost focus or are about to lose it. It then suggests for you to get up and move around or do some form of activity
  • Melon is also capable of taking notes on something and then storing it for a next time session
  • Melon is an open source device. It allows a person to both and explore on how to use their brains in a far better way than ever before

Customer Reviews

The review on the Melon Headband at Wearable is a very good one. This is because it talks about the different facets of this very amazing wearable digital health device that is brain nice. It reveals just how you can make the invisible activity of your very brain more visible to you for view. A person can look at their very real brain activity taking place in Real Time. This device is truly a wonder in its own way.


The Melon Headband is far more than just another device tracker. It is said to be both a new device, as well as, a mobile app that is said to help improve one’s concentration and focus, It is said to be able to do this by measuring the level of electrical activity that does come straight from the brain itself. It is also said to measure one’s mental activity data, as well, in addition.


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