Home-Control Wearable Technology Coming Soon…


Wearable technology is taking on many forms for today and tomorrow. So, with this said, why shouldn’t it go a bit further in distance and be something that can help control the home front? The answer is yes and something that scientists and researchers are addressing as they take a look at home-control wearable technology to help a person take care of things going on at home.

Just imagine one day soon coming home and using a simple wrist and hand gesture to?

Just imagine one day soon coming home and using a simple wrist and hand gesture to? Be able to turn on the lights on the house. Another gesture could command the HDTV to come on, also the Xbox 1, and another to dim the lights in the room to play Call of Duty. Another gesture can also help you to turn in, as well as, secure your house for the night by turning off all the lights and locking everything up nice and tight for personal security.

What is the Reemo?

The Reemo is no other than a high tech form of wristband that is currently under development by a startup in the Twin Cities that is Playtabase.

What is The “Internet of Things?

The “Internet of Things” is a new market of innovation that is geared towards intending to make home automation something that is far less geeky or nerdy in description and more accessible to people in a major way. The startup called Playtabase is one of the companies that are determined to change the face of home automation with the presence of some very awesome wearable home-control technology such as the Reemo is in detail.

Is home-controllable and wearable technology a good thing?

The answer to this question is yes it is. Wearable technology is something that is being applied to different niches. So why shouldn’t it be applied to controlling what is at in your home? It should be. Because controlling the home front is just as important as is controlling one’s health and other facets of their life.


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