Here Comes the New Smart Case For iPhone Users

Here Comes the New Smart Case For iPhone Users



Disney and Carnegie Mellon University have developed a brand new type of phone accessory in the form of a case for the iPhone. With the use of the accessory, the device will have brand new features, which we will discuss more thoroughly later in this article. We will also talk about smartphone accessories and iPhones.

Smartphone Accessories

Smartphone accessories may seem irrelevant when buying a brand new mobile phone, however, they are pretty important. Why? I will provide you information that later in this paragraph, however, let’s see some other things first. Most people know the term smartphone accessories, but there are many that don’t. Let me explain. Firstly, there is the phone itself, it’s the main part and there are the accessories. An accessory is a part that is not included in the phone. This can be a docking port, battery charger, case, headphones, etc. When you buy your smartphone, buying some accessories with it is pretty essential, since, for example, without a battery charger you can’t even charge your phone. Most companies that are selling cell phones are providing a charger also with the phone, however, there are many firms that don’t.

One of the most important accessories for smartphones is the cases. Most people don’t really realize how essential they are, however, they play a very important part in keeping your screen safe and scratch free. The priority function of the cases is to protect the device from scratches and to gain lesser damage when the smartphone falls from the user’s hand. There are many types of cases, however, the two biggest category of cases are hard cases and soft cases. Hard cases’ priority is to protect the device, they may not seem to look cool, and however, they serve as an “armor” for the gadget. Soft cases, on the other hand, function as designer cases, so their main function is to look pretty good (and most of them really look great), not to protect the device. However, most of them are multifunctional, so they also protect the device from scratches and falling, along with the designer function.

Headphones are also must buy accessories for smartphones. Here, I will explain to you why. Most of the smartphones can process pretty good music quality, so if you want to listen to music it is not required to buy an iPod or an MP3, MP4 player, you only need to buy a headphone or a headset to you smartphone. Buying quality headphones is quite important, so it is advised to spend another 10 bucks on one, instead of buying the cheapest. Quality headphones are essential for your musical entertainment since they provide you good quality music along with high sound. Most headphones’ downsides are that they don’t have high sound, they can only play songs at medium or low sounds, which is pretty bad.


Apple’s most famous brand, the iPhone has emerged from a simple smartphone to one of the most respected and liked devices among people. The phone has been designed for simple, everyday use, with the IOS operating system a user can simply communicate, play games, listen music, and so on. However, my problem with iPhones are that they are pretty overpriced. I know that the demand for the devices have been quite high, but I don’t really want to pay 700-800 dollars for an Apple logo at the back of my phone. I always strive to buy the best quality phone, however, the iPhones’ hardware is not the best. If you look around the market, you can find much better smartphones that have much better specifications. Overall, the brand is pretty good, my only problem with it is the price.


The Smart Case

The newly developed smart case by Disney can turn your touch and gestures into a sound wave, which seems pretty cool. This new function is called “Acoustruments”. I really like how big, medium and small companies are inventing all new kinds of accessories to smartphones. When you are buying a brand new phone, you can find thousands and thousands of cases for it if not millions. So, with this you can enjoy your creativity and you can also enjoy being an individual.


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