Garmin Approach X-10

Garmin Approach X-10 – The Golfing Wearable Your Swing Needs


Garmin seems to have taken the particular wraps off the most recent golf wearable through Approach X10’s. In contrast to some golf wearables, it is extremely small to make certain it increases your own game without hitting your swing.

Garmin Approach X10 in look is much like the fitness tracker having the wristband like model. It means the 1″ white and black touch-screen yet below that is an abundance of smarts and also details for around 41000 courses of golf.

The X10 happens to be waterproof towards 5 ATM, perfect for the wet atmosphere rounds. This additionally features battery-life involving 12 hours, therefore ought to go 18 holes as well as prior to requiring charge again.

Some other helpful details demonstrated on X10’s screen consist of calculating shot distance. It could be diverse to match the particular pin location concerning that day just for precise consistency.

Garmin Approach X10’s likewise works together with Garmin app which means users may contest with players on leaderboard. Imagine Strava however for golf. Other than in this case the particular app can also be utilized to arrange competition wherever some other players happen to be asked to unite as well as compete.

Garmin Approach X-10

“Approach X10 happens to be the intuitive and simple band ideal for beginners just commencing to understand the particular game, or even for the passionate golfers who would like a significant golf band utilized solely on course,”, stated Dan Bartel, vice president of global consumer sales of Garmin. “ Although you have in no way played this course prior to, Approach X10 would provide you the resources to swing confidently.”

Hazards, doglegs, Layups such as water as well as bunkers are going to be shown on wearable’s face, as well as simply because golf is the life-time game, here 41000 courses around the Approach X10 would become attribute life-time updates, therefore, you would never be ignorant.

Also as you create the right path along the course right from hole-hole, this wearable would stick to your own improvement and supply you latest information. Furthermore, the X10 guarantees to maintain an eye on crucial game stats such as greens in the regulation, fairways, and putts, as well as calculate shot distance.

Together with Green View screen of Approach X10, here you will have the ability to notice the design of the green as well as may position the pin on this wearable’s touch-screen regarding a precise shot selection. When you are searching to reveal the competitive edge, Approach X10’s match ups with the innovative Garmin Golf application will definitely assist. You will have the ability to compete within weekly leaderboards upon any one of golf courses accessible on X10, as well as see some other players’ handicaps, scores, ranks and even more.

It is water-proof around 5 ATM1, meaning the thin band may brave rain or sweat, the X10 offers a good read-it-easily 1″ display. Rechargeable battery happens to be stated to survive 12 hours on GPS mode; therefore even though you are investing the entire morning on course, then this X10 may stay informed about you. This wearable ought to be provided in Jan for $200.


Garmin Approach X-10  Features

  • TPU Strap material
  • Width: Size: 21.5 mm/medium/Small: 132 to195 mm, and Large: 162 to 225 mm area x 31g
  • 5 ATM Water rating
  • Touch-screen Display: FLAT SCREEN, 10.7 x 25.4 mm, 68 x 160 pixels
  • Battery-life Watch: Around 23 days; and GPS mode: Around 12 hours
  • History/Memory: 64 MEGABYTES
  • Clock- Attributes: date/Time, GPS Time-Sync, sunset/Sunrise times
  • Golfing Features
  • Sensors: GPS
  • Distance to B/M/F (distance to back, middle, front of green)
  • Determines shot distance (usually, calculates accurate yardage for photos from anyplace on course)
  • Distance to doglegs/layups
  • Digital Scorecard
  • Green View together with the manual pin placement
  • Stat monitoring (putts for each round, strokes, fairways and greens hit)
  • Odometer/Round Timer
  • Hazards and also course targets

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In contrast to lots of activity trackers, Approach X10’s features onboard GPS. It means this is going to be capable of offering helpful information such as distance towards the middle, back, front of green, when showing hazards, doglegs, and layups like bunkers, for every hole. After that, since it understands where you happen to be, it will certainly go for newer information just on the following hole mechanically whenever you reach the golf tee.

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