Fantastic Wearable Gadgets from Intel and Fossil


Though Intel has lagged behind in mobile technology, it will be participating in the next wave of high tech innovation. Intel is eyeing wearable technology market through its “Make It Wearable Challenge” while collaborating with Barney’s New York. This could turn out to be discerning step for the chip maker given that the global market is underway to generate $10 billion by 2016. This is in reference to a research conducted by Gartner.

Seemingly, Intel is putting more focus to dominate the wearable market that is already trending.

The tech giant seems to be attacking the wearable market from almost every direction. A few days ago, Intel announced that it is going to partnership with Fossil, a watch accessory company, to get established in the wearable technology space in the market. That is a great move for the company to partnership with Fossil on this front. The company brands are sold in department stores and mostly in retail stores in more than 150 countries other than the U.S. With such kind of distribution, there is no doubt that Intel will be able to dissolve its technology into hundreds of stores worldwide at once.

What is even more impressive way to dominate the market is its effort to ensure that it comes with the most creative ideas in the world. That is the beginning of Intel’s global challenge.

Make It Wearable Challenge

It is the best innovative methods to outshine its competitors instead of cloud-sourcing ideas globally. That is the method being used by Intel the “Make It Wearable” challenge. It works like this: Intel will be rewarding $1.3 million in cash to winners of the wearable contest. The tech giant started the contest at consumer electronics show in January. Since then, several finalists have already been chosen.

The challenge was split in to two segments, a “Visionary Track” for forward thinking ideas, and “Development Track” to reward concepts centered on feasible technology that could be built at once. Finalists have been selected for the two segments with the final development track winner set to be announced on November 11, 2014.

Coolest Gadgets from Intel

One of the most outstanding gadgets from Intel is “Lovey: A Social Monitor” for kids. This gadget can easily be tethered to a child’s clothing where it monitors everything including location and voice recognition software to enable the parents to better understand the kid’s requirement. Some of the most impressive features of Lovey is that it gets familiar with your child’s location such as school and can relay the message to your Smartphone in case your kid moves away with an unidentified person.

Nixie is another great wearable gadget from Intel’s Make It Wearable challenge. Nixie is a camera that enables a person to take personal pictures when on the go. Upon wearer’s request, Nixie detaches, unfolds and takes flight – making it the first wearable device that can fly, in reference to Intel.

Wristly is the next coolest gadget featuring in Intel’s Make It Wearable challenge. This is a cuff that cools or warms the body of a person by using Intel’s System on Chip or SOC technology. The band creates immersive experiences that adapts to, responds to, and communicates with the wearer, according to Intel.

Other impressive gadgets from the challenge are Vumble, a sport necklace that monitors body activities using vibrations, BabyBe, a bionic mattress that connect mothers with their babies during neonatal intensive care unit, among others.

Future Inventions

For Intel, pending thousands of dollars in cash rewards is insignificant as the tech giant aim at establishing ideas to dominate the wearable market space. In deed Intel has displayed its ability to become dominant in the wearable market.


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