Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10

A Closer Look at the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10


The new Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 is arguably the best Smartwatch in the market today. It has replaced the old identikit faux watches that lack real USP. This Android Wear has proved that there is more to come and people should brace themselves for better advancements in future. This device is specially designed to meet the needs of outdoor lovers. The diehards of Garmin or Suunto and the G-SHOCK brands will definitely love this Android wear. It is equipped with dedicated hiking modes, great sensors together with biking and fishing modes. Here is a closer look at the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 features and specifications.


The Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 is incredibly large. It is equipped with militarystandard water resistance and comes with dust-protection as well. It weighs approximately 92g, making it one of the heaviest watches in the market. However, it is not easy to notice the bulk if you are not keen. It has a big screen which drains battery fast. However, Casio has employed two switchable screens to conserve power. The primary screen is 1.32″ LCD color display with 320×300 pixels majorly for power saving. Similarly, the screen can be toggled into monochrome to preserve battery. However, this may lock out some functionality such as touch screen, apps and sensors.


This amazing watch has the ability to do so much. For instance, with the smartwatch OS from Google, you are in a position to receive Smartphone apps and notifications to your wrist. You also receive calls or messages notifications and reply instantly. In addition, there are the Google Now tips to provide you with the help you might need. You are able to receive relevant travel updates or bus times, diary reminders and so much more.

The Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 is installed with Casio Moment Setter+, which serves as a companion app. This forms the primary contact point if you are using the old Android Wear app. This companion app will enable you customize buttons available on the watch. Also available is the Activity app, which has trekking, fishing and cycling options.

The back is made using stainless steel giving it a nice and soft feel. However, this watch lacks GPS. This means that you are not able to establish your location when outdoors. However, it is possible to piggy-back it from your Smartphone though it can be problematic. Casio left out GPS to help save battery power.

Casio Smart Outdoor Feature

Apps, Sensors and Tracking

To complement the lack of GPS, Casio has implemented the use of sensors to make the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 worth trying out. These sensors are strategically located around the bezel to read altitude and air pressure. It also has an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyro meter for direction purposes.

The trekking mode is able to display travelling speed, time and the remaining altitude to your goal. On the other hand, cycling mode displays distance and time. These modes can be limiting at times because you are not able to choose the type of information you want to see. However, you have the option to add some alerts in your Casio Setter+ Moment app. The sensors are useful with each sensor allow self-viewing using the Tool button. The Tool allows you to swipe through individual sensors and receive full screen readouts.

Third Party Apps

Even though the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 has in-built decent apps, it provides users with several third party app options too. Therefore, you are able to install some of your favorite apps that lack on the watch. One major third party app to consider looking out for is the Viewranger. This app however, needs sign up before you start using it and the sign up is free. The watch also has pre-installed apps from YAMAP and MyRadar.

Battery Life

Battery life is very important when it comes to outdoor activities. You do not want to run out of battery power when away from home. Casio has worked very hard to ensure that it provides you with an excellent battery life for your outdoor functions. The battery of the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 can last approximately one and a half days. Coupled with the available tracking modes, you are in a position to increase the battery life of your device.


The Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 is an amazing watch worth spending money on. Its operating system is remarkable following its great transition from sensors, Casio and Google developed apps. As an outdoor device, the Casio Smart Outdoor WSD-F10 has a lot to offer. You will enjoy loads of data and Casio has worked hard to ensure that this watch has customizable alarms and alerts. Even though it lacks GPS, there is much you can do about it.


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