Future in Respect to Bragi

Future in Respect to Bragi: Aim at Becoming The 4th Platform


Being in a room filled with IBM banners is a clear indication that Bragi has a new thing to talk about. The architect of the initial do-it-all hearable has a lot to reveal. News is that the startup will be partnering with IBM in order to bring its super-computer tech that is AI-powered to Bragi’s hardware. This will assist in incorporating hearable in the workplace.

The current Bragi dash owners have a huge software update they should anticipate for. Among others, its aim is to add a support for 5 distinct languages, improve your Bluetooth connectivity and also bring the demand heart rate reading on your device. This article has captured the different aspects pertaining to this smart hearable that has a high chance of becoming the 4th platform.

Wireless Headphones

It is also launching Bragi headphones, which is a set of purely wireless headphones that strips away fitness tracking features. Importantly, Bragi found this time appropriate for making the necessary announcement before an Apple event that is to take place later within the course of the week.

Wireless headphones

Either way for a startup, it is not a bad showing (made up of 200 people) as it was officially launched in 2014 as a crowd-funding campaign. As a sign of progress, it has managed to ship over 100,000 items since February this year.

Bragi hasn’t chosen to abandon its leading generation device by making a headphone without smarts. The chief marketing officer of Bragi, Jarrod Jordan mentioned that he sees the fourth platform as Bragi Dash. The first being the desktop while the second the laptop, then having the smartphone coming third place followed by the Dash. Having an audio assistant that is discreet as opposed to having a chip-like object inside your system or probably a VR headset, enables you perform most of the activities you engage in with just the screen and can still be completed by either speaking or hearing.

Bragi and IBM Partnership

Bragi and IBM
You should expect to see the products of both Bragi and IBM’s partnership, as it is forthcoming. As at now all that is known is that its main agenda is to boost communication within the work place. Whether in an industry or office, the details are not vividly clear for now. Bragi has an interesting idea that involves the two joining forces in order to create gadgets that will be highly valued even beyond the working arena as well. One of them is translation, a potential function that the lab pilot of Waverly is making attempts of mastering.

Jake Duhaime, the communication manager of Bragi, explained that their reason for being at IFA was to see how Dash and IBM could make an improvement on matters pertaining to international relations. The operating system is open and the software is being updated regularly. The Bragi OS can also be put in other devices too.

Potential of Bragi

Despite the newbies in hearable, who constantly face the heavyweights such as Samsung, Bragi is confident it is at the front in this industry. It is also important to recall that the device is way more than just headphones that you use in order to listen to music. It is said to use a tiny computer on your ear. The device could also add value in the audio growing gaming and social networking industry.

Potential of Bragi
A lot of money has been invested in audio social networking especially in Silicon Valley and New York at the moment. The belief is that a real movement will be forged towards audio. By the year 2020, audio will make the largest fourth platform, and hopefully Bragi OS will be at its forefront.

After making improvements on the first product, and ensuring its experience is great, team Bragi admits that the battery life and Bluetooth connectivity remains the things most people demand for in wireless headphones, and its main focus is to advance their features with the help of software updates. It believes that firms are now taking matters to their own hands when it involves dealing with connectivity issues.

Jordan says that Bragi has many cool features that will perfectly suit the work place. He also adds that the devices can be released even as at now but the problem is that there is no certainty on whether individuals want them or need them. All that matters is that the firm gets the demand for the product.

Bragi Dash Wireless Earbuds


You will observe attempts on building what is referred to as macros i.e. gestures orientated moves that will help activate the features. There are numerous things that this team is currently working on which are going to come with a lot of positive change for the device. For this year, you will get to see more updates and use more interface adds. This firm will start showing the true difference between other devices and the Dash.

With the information provided you are certain that the future of Bragi has a lot of potential when it comes to realizing growth. Thus, the article has managed to equip you with the necessary knowledge that surrounds hearable.


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