The Best Samsung Gear Smartwatch to Buy

The Best Samsung Gear Smartwatch to Buy


Since the unveiling of the first Samsung Galaxy Gear, users have been treated to numerous other Samsung smartwatches. Because they are many with almost similar features, users find it difficult to choose the best from the crowd. This guide provides information about the available Samsung Galaxy smartwatches to help you make informed decisions when it comes to buying a Samsung smartwatch.

1. Samsung Gear S2

This smartwatch is characterized by a round-faced beautiful design resembling that of the Apple Watch. It also has bezel control setup that is in a position to rotate and has an intuitive interface. For notifications, you go to the left and for apps you go the right. It also allows for scrolling through the available options.

It is incredibly faster, compared to the Digital Crown Watch by Apple. It allows for easy controlling using just a finger. It can be bought from Amazon for $299.

2. Samsung Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2
This device falls under fitness trackers, but packs the best in smartwatch. The fact that it runs Tizen means that it is possible to access third party apps. It trends with a crap-display tracker and has a 1.5-inch sumptuous screen. The display is remarkable and it is approximately 432*216, 322ppi. When it comes to fitness, it has an in-built GPS to track your running. It also packs a heart-rate tracker. It can also be bought from Amazon going for $179.

3. Samsung Gear S

This smartwatch is the king of connectivity. This is simply because its connectivity doesn’t require a smartwatch since it has a 3G SIM card slot. You are required to renew your phone contract to benefit from its untethered message and call features. This appears to be the best smartwatch by Samsung. Its display is super AMOLED and curved and boasts of up-to 480*360 resolution. It allows for run tracking using its excellent GPS connectivity. It goes for $329 on Amazon.

4. Samsung Gear Live

Samsung Gear Live
This is another Samsung’s great smartwatch. It has an excellent design and is identical to the Gear 2. The only major difference is the absence of infrared LED and in the positioning of the physical buttons. It runs Android Wear stock and features a 320*320, 1.63-inch display. It is able to perfectly work with all Android smartphones making it a smartwatch to consider buying. It can be bought from Amazon going for $149.

5. Samsung Gear Fit

This was the first activity tracker from Samsung. Its display is super AMOLED and 1.84 inches. The display easily rotates to give you a landscape or portrait experience. One thing that stops most potential customers from buying this smartwatch is the fact that it isn’t a great fitness tracker. The Gear Fit 2 has since succeeded it. Although it performs all the functions of a fitness tracker, its accuracy is questionable. It can be bought from Amazon for $101.

6. Samsung Gear 2

Samsung Gear2
This smartwatch is classier than its predecessor, which has a plastic finish. Its classier edge gives it a different level of styling that other smartwatches have always neglected. It has an attractive 1.63 inches screen, which is super AMOLED and a resolution of 320*320. It also packs a 2MP camera allowing you to take photos from your wrist while on the go. It is available on Amazon for $169.

7. Samsung Gear 2 Neo

This is an average notifications system and fitness tracker that boasts of an in-built heart rate tracker. Although it lacks a camera similar to Samsung Gear 2’s, its price is reasonable. It is a simple smartwatch, in fact the simplest smartwatch of all Samsung smartwatches. Its features closely resemble those of the Gear 2 including the gorgeous display without a camera. It allows for over 1,000 apps and this ensures you experience the Tizen revolution. It goes for $149 and can be bought from Amazon.

8. Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear
This is Samsung’s first ever smartwatch and the worst. Although it has a camera, it is not that perfect. The only positive thing about it is the fact that it runs Tizen, but it was initially powered by Android. Since there are better Samsung devices, there is no need to buy this device because it is outdated. It goes for $199 and can be bought from Amazon.

9. Samsung Gear S3

This is an upcoming smartwatch from the giant Korean company. It is speculated that this device will be much better than its predecessor, the Gear S2 in terms of features and efficiency. Although the release date and price are not clear yet, the new model is expected to cost slightly higher than the Gear S2 and should be available on the market towards the end of this year.

According to experts, it will be compatible with Android since iOS beta support system is only limited to Gear S2. It adds more sensors, new Tizen features and design tweaks. Moreover, it will be dust and water-resistant.


Sometimes, potential customers find it hard to choose the best smartwatch especially if they have wide options. Consider buying newer smartwatch versions because they better and improved unlike older versions.


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