Bowflex Boost: The Smart Activity and Fitness Tracker!


What makes a great fitness tracker? The answer is quite simple. Accuracy, quality, diversity, long battery life for more use, display screen, wireless syncing to name a few. Notably, this qualities may differ from person to person. Similarly, finding a device with all so call ‘perfect’ feature is relatively difficult. That’s why, if you cannot get the best, you get the next best thing. In this case, that is the Bowflex Boost fitness tracker from the Boost Company. This device performs a variety of functions in regards to physical fitness. The Bowflex in conjunction with its mobile app are compatible with iOS and Android devices.


  • The device uses Bluetooth to synchronize your data wirelessly with the application.
  • The Bowflex Boosts uses a rechargeable battery that charges using a USB cable. The battery is intended to last for longer.

How to use?

Using this gadget is as easy as 1,2,3. 1. Put the device on your wrist, 2. set the mode on your device and perform your activities or workout routines, 3. Access your data.Once the activities have been performed, the fitness band will change color depending on whether or not you have attained your goals. To know the exact details, you press the button for 5 seconds to wirelessly sync your data to your mobile app via Bluetooth. When the day is over, the mode is changed by pressing the button for 3 seconds to enable the device to monitor your sleep.

Unique features

Bowflex uses LED lighting to act as an indicator of the device’s mode and a notification of the user’s progress in attaining their goals.

What the gadget can do for you?

This device is known for:

  • Measuring the distance covered by the user, whether by running or walking.
  • Calculation of calories burnt after each workout session or as required by the wearer.
  • Counting the number of steps taken.
  • Monitoring the duration and the quality of sleep of the user. This is aided by observing the time it took you to fall asleep and whether or not you experienced any discomforts or disruptions during your sleep.

Moreover, this handy device allows its users to set goals for their fitness expectations. Depending on the set goals, Bowflex Boost will alert you on how close or how far you are from your goal physically via a change in the LED light color. Exact results can be viewed at the application interface.

Customer reviews

The Bowflex has created quite the impression among its users. The fact that it can perform a variety of functions while still maintaining quality and accuracy is the most appreciated aspect. This user friendly gadget had a long lasting battery life allowing for more use of the device without the hustle of frequent charging. The device can be bought at a relatively low price contrary to what it can do. However, there is no good without bad. Lack of a display screen was one of the common complaints. Its partial water resistance was a frustrating effect. This meant that swimmers could not use the gadget under water.


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