BodyMedia Fit Core Armband: Precision At Hand


The BodyMedia Fit Core Armband is a diverse fitness gadget that performs numerous functions. This wearable gadget is best used in workout sessions that involve intense activities leading to a change in the heart rate. If you are looking for an accurate fitness gadget, then this is it.


  • The BodyMedia Fit Core Armband is made of two distinct parts: a white tracking device made of plastic also known as the core and a grey elastic strap
  • This device uses a rechargeable battery for power. It has a USB port on its left side where the cable is fitted to charge the device

How to use it?

Like many of the other wearable gadgets in the market, the BodyMedia Fit Core Armband is a watch-like device that is worn on the wrist. The core is fitted into the strap accompanying it. Once worn, the gadget is activated and the mode set. The device will then collect data during your workout sessions. To view the data, the wearer connects the device to a PC using the USB cable provided in the package. The data is then transferred to the PC and then uploaded to the compatible fitness software where the data is analyzed. It is then displayed in a simplified manner for easy understanding. This data notifies the wearer of his fitness level as well as his proximity to attaining his goal.

Unique features

  • The BodyMedia Fit Core Armband is compatible with a variety of fitness apps such as Runkeeper, Withings and MyFitnessPal. This makes it easy to access your data.
  • The gadget is inclusive of a fitness coach that uses the data collected by the gadget to offer activity suggestions and set goals.
  • This fitness core has numerous sensors that detect body temperatures, heat as well as activities.

What can the gadget do for us?

The BodyMedia Fit Core Armband is a versatile fitness gadget that performs a wide variety of functions. The user of this wearable gadget can expect the device to:

  • Monitor and count the calories burnt by the individual
  • Track activities performed during a workout session. The device not only tracks activities as they are being performed, it also tracks the intensity of the activity
  • Monitor the quality of sleep. This will enable you to know the state of your body. A good sleep will enable the body to work efficiently

Customer reviews

The fact that you can access your data from a variety of fitness apps has made this device quite popular amongst other fitness devices. Many of its users were impressed with the wide range of services it offers and the precision at which it offers these services. However, a great deal of user were disappointed with its lack of heart rate monitoring capabilities. Moreover, its lack of water resistance features was an added disadvantage for the device. These were the same sentiments for its lack of a built-in Bluetooth.


If you are looking for an accurate activity tracker with accurate calorie counting capabilities then you are on the right path. The BodyMedia Fit Core Armband will do all these for you and goes a step further to monitor your sleep. This gadget works effectively to assist its users attain a healthy weight more easily. Unlike many of the other devices, BodyMedia Fit Core Armband collects data and give comprehensive and relevant feedback that can help the wearers to attain their fitness goals. Monitor your body fitness level with precision.


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