Bioharness 3: Technology At Its Best


When you think of fitness gadgets, many a times we think of gadgets worn on the wrist or the ankle. Well, the Bioharness 3 has defined all odds to be one of the most advanced fitness gadgets. The Bioharness 3 is a compact fitness gadget with a button-like appearance. This multi-functional gadget consists of multiple sensors that ensure the gadget delivers accurate results. The gadget can be worn in two ways excluding the ankles and the wrists. This compact sensor can be fitted either into a strap worn on the chest area or a shirt.


  • This wearable device uses advanced Bluetooth technology to wirelessly transfer data from the gadget to compatible smart devices. Compatible devices for the Bioharness 3 fitness gadget include smart devices running on Windows, iOS and Android operating systems.
  • The device has a 3 axis accelerometer that enables it to monitor all round movements by the user. The movements can be vertical, horizontal, backwards or frontwards.
  • The Bioharness 3 is powered by a lithium polymer battery. The battery is rechargeable and has a life of up to 26 hours.

How is this gadget used?

Using this gadget is not nearly as confusing or challenging as it looks. The wearer selects the means in which he would like to wear the device be it strap or shirt. The Bioharness 3 sensor has 4 icons two of which display the battery level and the bluetooth. Once the sensor is fitted and activated, it will monitor, measure and record data for up to 20 days. Once collected, the data is transferred wirelessly to a smart device where it is displayed for viewing.

Unique features

  • In addition to all the common features you would find in many of the fitness trackers in the market, the Bioharness 3 has quite a number of unique features that make it stand out
  • This wearable strap is water resistant up to 1 meter. ThIs allows the user to use the device under mild water conditions. Moreover, it water resistance nature and the use of a suitable fabric has enabled the device to be machine washable. This means that the device can be washed inside the washing machine
  • The Bioharness 3 has a GPS system embedded into the gadget. This enables it to determine the speed at which the user is moving, the distance covered as well as the location of the wearer
  • There are two main sensors that enable the gadget to perform all its functions to precision. The heart rate sensor and the respiratory sensor enable the device to measure the heart rate as well as the breathing rate respectively

What can the gadget do for us?

The Bioharness 3 performs a wide range of functions. Such functions may include:

  • Monitoring the heart rate of the wearer
  • Measures the breathing rate
  • Identifying bodily posture
  • Measures and records instances such as acceleration
  • Monitors the activity levels of the user
  • The device is also capable of measuring speed as well as distance covered

Customer reviews

The Bioharness 3 is mainly praised by many customers for its accurate readings. In addition to this, the device attachments, the strap and shirt are made of a conducive fabric that provides comfort to the wearer. The device can also be discretely worn thus not attracting any attention as a result of wearing it. Final say The Bioharness 3 offers diversity, comfort and most of all accuracy. The use of advanced technology has made this device arguably one of the most advanced fitness trackers in the market.


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