Best Waterproof Wearables

The Best Waterproof Wearables That You Can Wear While Taking A Dive


The idea of getting into the swimming pool on a hot summer day without having to worry about your smartphone, watch or even your earphones getting wet has finally arrived. Yes, today we are presented with a range of technology devices that can be used in and out of the swimming pool and, in fact, some have even been designed primarily with the idea of swimming in mind. While a workout on the elliptical machine or a weight-lifting bench may be great for your body, they can also lead to excessive sweating and overheat your body in summer temperatures. This is why many gyms also have swimming pools and feature a variety of training programs that can be conducted inside of the swimming pool. Apart from this training program, just doing a couple of laps can even be helpful.

One of the primary benefits of switching to a water-based workout is the fact that, while swimming does raise your heart rate, it does not cause a heavy stressful impact on your body as many other forms of exercises does. According to the Better Health Channel, swimming also builds up your endurance, as well as your cardiovascular health and muscle strength. Continuous participation in swimming activities may also help to build better physical strength and provide you with toned muscles. Let’s take a look at some of the best wearable devices that you can buy to help you out in the swimming pool – or simply not have to worry about when you go for a quick dive.

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2

Since Fitbit is one of the world’s most popular brands when it comes to tracking fitness activities, we simply have to start with a Fitbit. The truth is, the Fitbit Flex 2 is the first ever device from this company to offer a complete waterproof feature. They did have a previous device that was water resistant, but these devices were not fit for swimming. The Fitbit Flex 2 is one of the most affordable waterproof wearables on the market, starting at only $99.95 for the device. One particularly beneficial feature of the Fitbit Flex 2 is the build-in swimming tracker. Apart from tracking all your daily activity, the Fitbit Flex 2 has been designed to also track your swimming activities and report this data to the software provided with the device.

Garmin VivoActive

The Garmin VivoActive is another promising waterproof wearable device that comes from the company that is well-known for their accurate, high-tech GPS devices. Their latest invention has been built for the active person and even comes with built-in swimming trackers that tell you exactly how you are doing in the pool. The device is fitted with a color touchscreen, features a sleek and stylish design, and comes in three different colors. The device also comes as a bundle offer with a heart rate monitor, which further extends the features and offerings of this waterproof smartwatch. The Garmin VivoActive is priced from only $219.99 and customers in the United States can get free ground shipping if they buy the device directly from Garmin.

Speedo Shine

Speedo Shine

The Speedo Shine was quite a surprise to swimmers who are interested in wearable tech that they can use in the pool, yet it quickly gained popularity amongst swimmers. The wearable watch is the result of a collaboration between Misfit and Speedo. Misfit is a wearable tech company that was recently bought over by Fossil, whereas Speedo is, of course, the world’s most popular designers of swimwear. The device is available in silver and comes with multiple sports bands. It has the ability to track swimming distance and laps, and it will continue to monitor your fitness activities out of the swimming pool. A very interesting feature is the fact that the device can also be connected to certain “smart home” devices, giving the wearer easy control over essential household applications.

PyleAudio 2-in-1 Waterproof MP3 Player

PyleAudio might not be the most popular brand when it comes to audio equipment, but they have surely made an impression after releasing a series of waterproof mp3 players. Many people truly enjoy listening to music while doing their daily workout – and this includes a workout in the swimming pool. PyleAudio has now released a device that caters towards the need of these people, by introducing the 2-in-1 waterproof mp3 player. The device is equipped with a lap counter, as well as a pedometer, and comes with two pairs of waterproof earphones included.

Sony Waterproof Walkman

Sony Waterproof Walkman

This one might seem strange since we haven’t seen a release of the “Walkman” line from Sony in such a long time, but recently they have made a comeback by introducing a brand new waterproof Walkman mp3 player. The device comes in four different colors and will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks while getting your daily workout in the pool – or outside of the pool, whichever suits you best. One particularly interesting feature is the ZAPPIN technology, which matches the tracks you have installed on the Walkman with the intensity of your workout, and then plays whatever compares best.

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Swimming is a fun and relaxing activity, but can also give your entire body a good workout at the same time. One problem that we tend to have when it comes to swimming is many people would jump into the swimming pool, forgetting about the devices they have on their body. If this sounds like you, then the waterproof wearable devices we’ve looked at in this post would surely be perfectly fitted for you.


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