AMIIGO Activity Tracker Review


Carry your gymnasium with you everywhere you go with the new AMIIGO device. AMIIGO is a fitness tracking gadget from the AMIIGO Company. Its main purpose is to monitor the different types of activities done by the wearer as well as monitoring other bodily activities related to exercising such as heart beat and calories burnt. This fitness gadget comes in two pieces, wristband and shoe clip, to deliver accurate results. AMIIGO goes beyond simple step tracking to further recognition of the different physical exercises done.


AMIIGO is a two piece device that comes equipped with a wristband and shoe clip that monitor upper and lower body movements respectively. For effective results on the activities done, the devices is packed with 3 axis accelerometers that keep track of the body movements in regards to the type of activity being performed. Moreover, it is also able to detect repetitions in activities.The device has a pulse-oximeter that enables the device to monitor the wearer’s heart beat and levels of oxygen in the blood and provide the relevant cardiovascular information. The presence of a thermometer within the gadget enables it to measure the temperature of the skin. These features also enable the device to monitor the quality of sleep.

How to Use?

AMIIGO is not capable of recognizing all activities at its initial state. As such, the users need to perform a variety of exercises that will be named and recorded in the Amiigo application. Each activity is performed for thirty seconds to give the device time to identify and store the activity movements. Once this is done, the device will automatically recognize the activities when they are performed and the number of repetitions done.Due to the difference in body movements from one individual to another, the device cannot be shared as this would distort the information and results.

Unique Features

The device has a lithium polymer battery that once charged can last for up to 6 days depending on the usage of the device. The device also supports wireless charging.The wristband and the shoe clip are made of ABS plastic with an addition of polycarbonate material for the wristband. These materials make the device waterproof and thus can be used under wet conditions such as swimming.

The device further uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to pair the wristband and the shoe clip to a smartphone app. This Amiigo application allows users to view their activity information such as activity results, history and analysis.The AMIIGO device uses cloud storage technology that allows users of the device to share and compare their progress with other users.

What the gadget can do for us?

In a nutshell, the AMIIGO fitness device is capable of performing the following activities:

  • Recognize different types of physical activities performed by the wearer and the number of repetitions for each activity.
  • Monitor the sleep quality.
  • Monitor the levels of oxygen in the blood system.
  • Monitor the heartbeat rate of the wearer.
  • Measure the amount of calories burnt.
  • Determine the skin temperature.

Customer Reviews

Unlike other fitness bands, the AMIIGO has received thumbs up for its capability to distinguish between different types of activities done. Its diverse uses in tracking heartbeat, temperature, calories burnt, sleep quality and oxygen levels make this the fitness device of choice. The sufficient battery life is an added advantage for its users. However, its lack of display is a drawback for many users. As well, this limitation to specific platforms limits the number of potential users who are not within these platforms.


There are many tracking devices for health purposes. However, none of them work as well as the AMIIGO. The AMIIGO health tracking bracelet is capable of distinguishing between different types of activities, monitor the heart rate and the quality of sleep, determine the blood’s oxygen level as well as register body temperature. This multi-functional gadget is perfect for all types of exercises including water sports like swimming due to its waterproof capabilities. Although this fitness device has no screen to display its results, its uses a smartphone application suitable for iOS6 and specific Android platforms to display the results. Keep track of your fitness with the AMIIGO fitness wearable device.


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