Actionsleeve Armband Apple Watch

Actionsleeve Armband Apple Watch – Facts You Should Know


Over the years, health and fitness companies have been making fitness devices with a wristband for proper fitting when it is on the use. However, some of the fitness exercise like weightlifting, crossFit and kickboxing requires full wrist mobility and sports protective gears which makes it difficult to wear fitness and tracking devices on the wrist. Actionsleeve have come up with a more advanced Apple watch with a strap to wear on upper arm. It have an outer frame which offers protection from dings and nicks making it tighter and consistent on skin contact. It comes in ether red or a black colour.

How to use Actionsleeve?

  • Remove your apple watch band
  • Fit the body of apple watch on the Actionsleeve soft frame
  • Adjust the straps to fit tightly on your arm
  • Set your Apple watch on and go


How Actionsleeve Armband Works?

Actionsleeve armband is designed to fit on your upper arm, where you are supposed to make adjustments for it to come in contact with your body. This makes it to fit tightly on your armband with button, crown and screen being fully functional and accessible. It maintains contact with your skin, making it possible to track and monitor your heartrate. Actionsleeve helps to make your Apple watch more secure and tight, to avoid the risk of sliding down or becoming loose during workouts.

Makers of Actionsleeve

The makers of actionsleeve is a company by the name Twelve south, LLC. The company is located in Mountain pleasant, South Carolina. This company is known for designing beautiful accessories, which are exclusively used on Apple products. Currently, the company have a team of about 12 employees and it continues to make improved accessories for the upcoming apple products. The company makes various accessories for apple products including iPads, MacBook’s and iPhones. In case of any question or concern, you can contact this company using a contact form or by directly contacting them via contacts provided on their official website.

Buying Actionsleeve

Buying Actionsleeve
Actionsleeve is available for buying online via the official manufacturer’s website. It is also available in third party retail traders like apple store and Amazon. Actionsleeve comes in different sizes with room for adjustment and you should select the one that is suitable for you. 1 actionsleeve is sold at $29.99 with a free shipping in United States.

Benefits of Using Actionsleeve Over Wristband

Actionsleeve is more advanced to fit on your upper arm. This makes your apple watch more secure and safe for use during vigorous fitness sessions. The strap is adjustable making it to fit tightly on your arm and have a convenient way of tracking your progress. The button, crown and screen is fully accessible making it easier to control your apple watch. Actionsleeve holds your apple watch tightly leading to a consistent and improved heart rate tracking. Actionsleeve is a breakthrough in sports and fitness field, as it comes in different sizes and shapes to fit on all people even the young aspiring athletes. With the use of this sleeve, now everyone can comfortably control their apple watch and keep their health on check.


Wearing apple watch on your wrist may make you uncomfortable and expose it to the risk of damage during vigorous exercises. Actionsleeve is made to provide you with extra comfort during sports activities, as it holds your apple watch tightly on your arm. It is made of elastic fibres which makes it to come in close contact with your skin leading to an improved heart rate monitoring during fitness activities.

Build Quality

Actionsleeve is made for use on sport activities and it does not side on the attractiveness or outside appearance of your tracking device. It is made of a hard cover with a frame, to help hold your apple watch tight during sport activities. It is basically made of an elastic strap which makes it flexible to fit on your arm with an embedded shell which helps to pop out your apple watch. This sleeve shell is made with openings making it easier to operate the smart watch.

Actionsleeve armband Apple watch Pros

  • It is cost effective
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It improves heart rate monitoring
  • It is flexible and comes in different sizes

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Actionsleeve is an accessory that is used on apple watch to make the tracking device more comfortable and secure for use during sports activities. It is designed to fit on your upper arm holding the apple watch tight on your skin, leading to an improved heart rate monitoring. This device is flexible and more comfortable to wear. This sleeve is suitable for use on most vigorous sport activities like crossfit, weight lifting and kickboxing. The apple watch if fitted in a shell with openings making it secure from damages. This sleeve comes in different sizes and shapes making it suitable for use even on young people. This sleeve is sold at an affordable price through the brands website or via third party retail traders like Amazon. This sleeve is recommended for a comfortable and convenient health tracking during fitness activities.


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