2breathe the Sleep Inducer Technology

2breathe the Sleep Inducer Technology


Sleep for many people around the world is a rare and virtuous commodity. Sleeping is a process that many may not be fully conversant with over a long period of time. However, no proper solution has been found to ensure that there is no sleep deficiency. The challenge has been on how to get a person or individual to sleep. With the advancement in technological devices, a wearable device named as the 2breathe Sleep Inducer is to aid in curbing this specific challenge and has been launched and released into the market. The device is rumored to offer assistance by helping an individual fall asleep at a faster rate than usual.

2breathe Sleep Inducer

It is a wearable technical device, which assists an individual allowing them to fall asleep much easily than before. The device is accompanied by an application that collects, stores and analyzes your sleeping patterns and the time taken to ensure you are asleep. The aim of the device is to ensure you sleep soundly, wake up relaxed, and refreshed, which is a bit difficult for many people out there in the world today. The device operates using the iOS system and as of now, android operating system is off the table. Therefore, to use it, you need a device that uses iOS i.e. 8.4 or a more recent version. In addition, you can also use iPhone 4, iPad 3 and or iPad Mini.

How it Works?

2breathe Device work
The devices is fitted onto your chest and connected technologically to the app. This app is installed for free on your mobile device or smartphone. The two devices communicate simultaneously, which allows the app to record information or data transmitted by the device on the chest. The device works by guiding the user through a breathing pattern and exercises that have been proven to work in an efficient manner. The breathing exercises speed up your chances of falling asleep and help you to relax your body, your physiological needs move towards resting, and finally you fall asleep. After falling asleep the device stops the exercises and begin tracking your sleep and sleep activities. Finally, it offers you an analysis of your sleep pattern and activities once you wake up.

Using It

The 2breathe device is easy to use. All that is needed is to follow a few steps and you are good to go. These steps are:

1. Breathing

For the device to work, you are advised to strap it on the chest. Ensure that the sensor is perfectly resting on your chest and begin breathing rhythmically. The processes is recorded i.e. the inhales and exhales. All the resulting information is communicated and stored in the app connected wirelessly i.e. Bluetooth.


2. Repeat and Follow the 2breathe tones

Each time you put on the 2breathe device, it emits a tone every time you inhale and exhale. The tones are aimed at ensuring that your inhales as well as the exhales are prolonged in nature; sleep prolongs the way an individual breathes. This makes falling asleep quite easy with the device.

3. Sleep

Within a short while, the 2breathe stops and the sounds are stopped as well. This is mainly because the individual or user has already fallen asleep. The device has a smart detector that automatically detects when you fall asleep.

4. Track, Review and Feedback

The 2breathe app usefulness and essentiality comes in this stage. It tracks and records your sleeping time. In addition, it offers tips and teaching tutorials on how to ensure your sleeping activities are maximized using the device.


2breathe Dvice Price
The wearable device is being sold at 179.95 dollars with a money back guarantee of 60 days. The device is said to require a bit of patience from the user before the two get used to each other making the working relation much smoother. It will take time before you can fully use the device in a way that is much more efficient and for you to get accustomed to it. However, the device has a personal and a healthy effect on you.

Why a Device: the 2breathe Device?

Many are not convinced that a device can help in falling asleep, while others ask why we need a device to assist in a natural process. Skepticism is acceptable in this case, however, based on research and history, sleep exercises have been there for a long time. In addition, the device is as a result or is based on the RESPeRATE technology that is aimed at reducing an individual’s blood pressure and stress. The device was said to be effective and 2breathe was born from the same idea only that it was developed to help induce or help in falling asleep.

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The wearable technology works, its efficiency, lack of side effects and above all drug free usage is something to be commended. The 2breathe device assist one in falling asleep and the most interesting part is anyone can use it to fall asleep. There is no age limitation in regards to its use making it the perfect device. It is also essential if aiming at optimizing your personal sleeping patterns. It won’t hurt to give it a try.


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