2015 Be The Year Where Wearable Tech Becomes Sexy: Could It?


2015 is trying to gear up as being the year for wearable tech to truly be “wearable” from a fashion aspect. However, no matter how hard fashion designers do their dabbling, it still seems to be something that is still far away yet from High Street for their modeling experiments.

Wearable tech is something that should be more sexy. Nonetheless, it does seem lackluster, even the face of amazing outfits that are twinkling with LED lights on the dance floor or the vision of a dress that magically transforms itself from midi to maxi with the touch of a button. Nothing should be more interesting than a jacket that does have built-in Wi-Fi. This reality should be something to excite the fashion industry. This is something new and different. So what’s the problem?

If, and when, this topic does come up as a subject of conversation by those for the fashion industry. Eyes have a tendency to suddenly get glazy and yawns are sort of held back. This problem is not about a lack of enthusiasm for tech wearable devices, this is because editors, buyers, and designers are clearly pros when it comes to their iPhones. They also spend the entire years around fashion shows and Instagram. What doesn’t seem to add up here is what tech wearables are a part of reality and what they can do.

Futuristic Dresses Were Being Made As Far Back As 2006

Hussein Chalayan was creating awesome automated dresses as far back as 2006. These automated dresses were very futuristic description. Richard Nicoll also displayed an extraordinary light up dress during London Fashion Week in September of last year. However, nothing this thrilling does appear to be anywhere near a point of sale, which is unreal. Also, we have been hearing lots about special tee-shirts, which can monitor heart rate and muscle density. These would be ideal for all the sports fans out there. Nonetheless, they don’t seem to be as compelling a thing, as is the very newest of beautifully-cut trousers that fashionistas do love.

Tory Bucker Bands

Tory Burch has come up with branded fitness tracker bands.Nevertheless, to the lay customer, there is no apparent difference between this and some iPhone apps that are a lot alike. Opening Ceremony did launch a line of varsity jackets that did have integrated phone chargers for them. The advantage of putting a phone charging case over one’s phone doesn’t seem like something negligible. As it does look, tech wearables do seem to be, nothing more than a means for those early adopters to experiment, and to just get seen and recognized at the doorway to innovation. They should be creating a burning desire for consumers instead. There aren’t any of the major British fashion retailers who are placing tech wearables at the very heart of their buying strategies for Spring/Summer of 2015.

The Apple Watch Has Managed To Pique Fashion Interest But The Apple Watch itself has managed to pique up fashion interest, but the truth is, the company is wooing Anna Wintour and Lagerfeld for Parish fashion week. This Watch itself is appearing on the cover of the Chinese Vogue magazine. However, whether or not the Watch is an outlier, or whether or not it is viewed as being a tech wearable or smartphone, which happens to be strapped to one’s wrist is something debatable. There is also two small tech products, which do launch 2015, and which are each interesting and intriguing for their own ways. What are these tech items? They are no other than Rebecca Minkoff’s bracelets that can charge Iphones and Ringly’s vibrating rings. Minkoff’s charge bracelets go on sale February. Ringly’s vibrating rings do launch January, and they are a product, which does activate whenever your phone does ring. These two products are more like chic gadgets and not items for true fashion.

How To Get People Obsessed With Tech Wearables?

Getting people to feel obsessed with tech wearables, which the fashion industry would state, is something that does require products that do have a very clear purpose and be something that is aesthetically on point. The talk that is circulating is this. Will women be putting on bulky and masculine devices while many of the resulting ideas are those of colorful and pastel trinkets as an end result. This something that is seriously at odds with the trends towards functional wear and minimalism. This is something that only the most influential of all designers the fashion world can address. Some of these influential designers do include Chanel, JW Anderson, Celine, Stella McCartney, Prada, and on the higher street Topshop, Cos, and Zara.

Chanel Models Parade Down Trainers

Last 2014, Lagerfeld did send some of Chanel’s models walking down the wearing trainers. This action is something that put a blessing on shoes and soon registers everywhere started ringing. Wearable tech needs a highly memorable moment such as this one is. There are design houses out there that are silently meeting with experts. They do want to ensure the fact that they aren’t left behind. They are just waiting on quietly, and not eager to release a product, which may flop instead of being a fashion hit. They are applying lots of caution here, which is smart, considering the present state of what is going on with wearables for the fashion realm.

Will It Be Burberry To Make The First Move?

Is it Britain, and Burberry, who may end up making the first move? This is because, this company is famous for its technological innovation, and they do have a division that is well known for exploring these areas. Nonetheless, 2015 is still shaping up, to be a bit early for the turning point to happen for tech wearables. This may not be true, if someone is hiding a very guarded secret of course, which may be up their sleeve. Nonetheless, with the Apple Watch, being a constant source of conversation during the next several rounds of fashion weeks during February. This will definitely be the highlight of the year’s real enthusiasm for wearable tech as it does flourish.


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