Xiaomi Preparing to Launch Mi Smartwatch this Year

Xiaomi Preparing to Launch Mi Smartwatch this Year


This could possibly be the biggest technology news in quite a while. This year has already seen some revolutionary gadgets launched. However, the year’s surprises are hardly over. Xiaomi is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. All indications are that they are set to make a huge announcement soon.

Xiaomi Mi Smartwatch

The company is already one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of wearable technology. Recently, the company CEO gave a hint that there is some marvelous in the works. The Company has set its eyes on people’s wrists. Although there are already a number of players targeting this piece of real estate, the company hopes to make an impact. This launch will likely occur within a period of two or three months.

Their new device will combine the convenience of a smartwatch and the use of fitness technology. With more people gaining awareness about the health of their body, this device will definitely be worth checking out. The company has given very little information on what their new device will look like. However, they are hoping to ride on the good quality of the Mi Band 1 to impress customers.

What to Expect?

One of the few details that have leaked out in recent weeks is that the smartwatch will have a bigger display. It is expected that the smartwatch will feature an exceptional battery. This is great for people who spend long hours outside training.

The Chinese-based electronics maker is also expected to introduce a safety feature in their new smartwatch. One should never have to take chances with the safety of their children. Technology provides one with the reassurance that their children are safe at all times. The smartwatch can serve the purpose of helping the parent set the route their kid travels.

MI Smartwatch

This is especially great feature for those who are not able to drive their kids to school every day. If the bus the kid is in or if the path they walk to school is not followed, an alert is sent to the parent. This is done via the use of an application that can be installed on the parent’s smartphone. The smartwatch has a safety button for the child. Each time the kids feels they are in danger, they can press this panic button. Thus, an alert can be sent to about twelve contacts of choice. Although it may seem excessive, one cannot be too sure about their kid’s safety.

This device apparently has a SIM card installed. This can be used to make and receive calls. Besides kids, other people can find great use for this device. For instance, people who suffer from seizures, heart disease or ailments like asthma can use this device. Whenever they feel an attack coming up, they can use the device to alert others of their dire situation. In addition, people who are aging can wear the device. As people age, they may at times lose a sense of direction and thus end up getting lost.

There are also indications that Xiaomi might go the edge way. This means that they may launch a curved screen with their device. These types of screens increase the display area available on the screen. In addition, there is the cool factor to consider. This will definitely make it more appealing to consumers.

Expected Release Date

Following past events, the company always launches a new upgrade in about twelve months. This means it is not too outlandish to expect the launch around September; this is when most electronics makers launch their devices.

However, the company has already had delays in their production. This might be the reason they have yet to give an official launch date. The company does not intend to rush through the product. Apparently, they are still making tweaks before a final product is released.

Xiaomi has been in the business for a while now. They have both the money and the know how to launch something magnificent. As a result, consumers should get their hopes up. The company has been working on their new device for a while now. There is no reason not to expect a high-grade device. Athletes will especially be impressed by this device the battery installed can go for about six days.


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