Viita Smartwatch

Viita Watch Is A Personal A.I. Fitness Coach You Need To Look Out For


The VIITA Smartwatch happens to be a device which the customers put on to monitor several factors of their total health, although it is mainly designed in the direction of enhancing physical fitness.

The particular product is currently presented in pre-order phase via Indiegogo, and also is going to be launched in Dec 2017 along with the right funding.

Exactly What Is Viita Smartwatch?


Getting in the shape requires a great deal of work; however, lots of people end up frustrated whenever they usually do not observe their improvement. Still, the people might not know exactly how to monitor their improvement.

Weight is just one factor in the wider range, however, through knowing exactly what is going on to the entire body; customers could make the changes that they require to see outcomes.

The specific VIITA Smartwatch happens to be the very first product of the category for making a difference.

VIITA Smartwatch monitors several parts of our body, assisting the consumer to comprehend their stress, exercise, sleeping habits.

Customers switch in between 3 primary tasks-daily readings, overall health, and fitness. Additionally, it offers numerous programs integrated, such as:

  • VIITA coach, for guiding the consumer throughout the training
  • The VIITA Scan just for the numerous vitals on our body
  • The sleep evaluation, for seeing exactly how customer’s REM cycle affects their exercise
  • The VIITA Wake up, a nice alarm clock anyway

Viita Wearable

  • My Objective, to get into various goals
  • The Notifications that connect with almost all applications
  • My Challenge, for encouraging the consumer to do much more on their schedule
  • My Sets, for monitoring the user’s improvement
  • Cals & Steps that monitors an alternative facet of the improvement
  • Battery-life, for displaying exactly how long you must utilize the watch anyway
  • Dehydration, for keeping in mind to drink much water
  • Android and iOS app, to connect with user’s phone

Despite the fact that VIITA device provides these types of advantages, it will not resemble some other fitness watches. Rather, it appears to be an elegant and also refined watch, providing various bands to synchronize with an outfit of the consumer.

Additionally, there the consumer requires choosing in between VIITA Active and VIITA Casual.

Using The Viita:

Viita Smartwatch

Almost everything on VIITA Smartwatch could be managed by the utilization of app. Together with this particular app, changeover among the various programs to choose exactly what the particular smartwatch is designed to monitor.

Still, so long as the consumer continually put on this watch, the sensor below the gadget proceeds to monitor their vitals for recording data for the future use.


Viita Smartwatch Price

At this time, VIITA Smartwatch is inaccessible for immediate buy, simply because it is getting funding from the Indiegogo campaign. Still, anybody who else plays a role in the campaign obtains unique prices.

Whenever the device arrives, usually retail cost is going to be 339$; however, customers may choose to promise the pursuing amounts to have several benefits at a reduced price.

  • 12$ for black rubber band watch, or even 17$ for a high-quality strap
  • 135$ or more, for the watch with user’s selection of bezel and housing

Higher promises are needed for various band options. The smartwatch ought to be delivered and also presented to the consumer in Dec 2017.

Contacting The Designers Of The Viita Smartwatch:

In case, the customers have some other inquiries regarding VIITA Smartwatch then they have several options for conversation. Very first, as the whole campaign regarding the gadget is on the Indiegogo, customers may post questions via that venue.

For much more immediate approach to communication, also they may email or call the group.

Telephone number: +43732777007

Email: [email protected]

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VIITA Smartwatch happens to be a useful device for anybody that desires to keep monitoring of their overall health. Together with this particular watch, absolutely no one may even learn that the consumer is maintaining monitor of the health details.

With very easily obtainable data on application, customers usually have a clear comprehension of the anxiety that their body is going through.

In case, you are willing to help make changing the way that you deal with your health after that VIITA Smartwatch might help.

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