TicWatch Finally Coming to United States

Tic Watch Finally Coming to United States Within Weeks


Mobvoi, a Chinese smartwatch and AI (Artificial Intelligence) company which is partially owned by Google, has announced that it will be launching the Ticwatch 2 a 3G smartwatch in the United States within weeks. The device, was first released in China on June to succeed the Crowded Ticwatch. The new Ticwatch is packed with high tech, 1.4 inch AMOLED screen, GPS enabled and with an entire whopping of 400 by 400 resolution.

The watch blends the Tickle strip and the touch screen enabling the user to control it by a swipe on the Bezel, just like in Samsung Gear two. In addition, it has a GPS and a dual LED optical sensor to check the heart rate.


The watch has an in-built SIM card allowing persons using them to make phone calls and receive them, send/ receive short text messages, and use a voice search even without a smartphone in the vicinity.

It comes in stainless steel or aluminum bodies with the option of silicone, stainless steel straps, sapphire crystals and Italian leather on the display of these models. The display panel of this watch is washed out with respect to colors, making up for the outdoor visibility. When compared to the other smartwatches, the Ticwatch is the only one easier to read in direct sunlight.

The watch supports 3G internet connectivity allowing you to use it even when you do not have your browser or smartphone with you. It comes with a GPS enabled Chip, and a heart rate sensor, both of which are inbuilt. The watch can therefore effectively used to track fitness of a person.

Mobvoi have also included the Tickle strip on its design; its own patented design. The tickle strip allows the user to interact fully with the watch without touching any of its display. According to the manufacturer, Tickle is highly responsive and joyous to use. The smartwatch also supports wireless charging known as TiCharge, enabling you to charge when you are some few metres from the source of power. It also have a high quality battery that saves on power.

The watch band is held by lugs that are on the top and bottom of it. The lugs allow for the usage of quick release bands that become standard on every Ticwatch. Overall, this watch has a solid hardware that enables it to compete favorably with other brands in the market.

Ticpay and Ticwear

Ticpay and Ticwear
The Ticwatch 2 resembles its predecessor, made from metal and virtually resembles the first-generation product of the company. It is a nice smartwatch that has its own operating software known as Ticwear 4.0. The Ticwear 4.0 has a ‘cubic UI’ and also allows for voice commands. The watch is well equipped with Text-to-speech technology capable of informing you the weather and translating information from one language to the other. The TTS service works and operates in the same manner like google voice. The only difference is that with a Ticwatch, you do not require a browser or a smartphone to search for information. The Ticwear 4.0 comes equipped with a Mobvoi store, the store is full of applications for the Mobvoi’s platform.

Users can enjoy fundamental conversations with the device voice engine just like Google voice on browsers and smartphones. For instance, you can ask some basic questions like the weather situation today and tomorrow and the watch will fill the gaps. You need to note that this only works in few and certain contexts. However, it is still a huge stride towards the world of wearable technology interaction.

Ticpay is Mobvoi’s own payment plan working in china. However, as the product hits the international arena, the payment plan is expected to be improved. The final Mobvoi smartwatch will cost around $200 even though the final pricing is not yet out. The firm has also pronounced its intentions to develop a Ticpay service with China UnionPay and OT.


Tic Watch Performance
Ticwatch runs on the Ticwear, a wearable platform that supersedes android 5.1. Ticwear allows the watch to receive and deliver notifications, and while using different applications, present the operator with great experience, setting it apart from other competitors in the market.

Swiping down the watch face reveals any of your quick cards. These cards have quick information on them, such include;battery status and the date.

The watch is user friendly, once all the information is placed within an easy reach, you will remain informed throughout. You can view and check information and apps just at a glance. The watch places all the notifications on the Bezel based on the time that each notification was received. Just click on the notification and the device will provide different methods to interact with its content.

The Ticwatch has a touch sensor embedded on its right side. The touch sensor allows you to scroll without necessarily touching the screen.


Ticwatch is an amazing product. Mobvoi had only designed the product for the China market only and was never meant to reach to international markets. Mobvoi have however shown interest in entering the United States market, when they finally do, would it be something that you will be fascinated to check out?


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