With De Grisogono in Gear S2 Smartwatch Project

Samsung Partners With De Grisogono in Gear S2 Smartwatch Project


In the recent past, Samsung has been moving from technological inventions to adorning its existing gadgets with aesthetic value. The biggest beneficiary of this is the Samsung gear S2 which already comes plated with Rose Gold and Platinum. In the attempts to come up with all rounded gadgets, they have entered into a partnership with a renowned watchmaker going by the name de Grisogono to bring on board the latest limited version of the Gear S2. The watch/gear will bear the de Grisogono signature but the technology is fully from Samsung.

This adornment will include fixing the gear’s frame with more than a hundred authentic diamonds both in black and white colors to create a beautiful contrast and make it look classy. The housing is made from stainless steel coated with DLC and the edges affixed with 70 black colored diamonds. The rotating edge, on the other hand, comes with around 50 white colored diamonds. This edge is flexible and moves more freely compared to the previous versions.

Despite the physical beauty, this de Grisogono Gear S2 is high tech as well. The screen has a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels and a 302 ppi density. Besides that, it has massive 4GB internal memory and a RAM of 512MB. For a watch, this is on top of the game and is yet to get its match. It is connected to the latest technology of wireless connectivity and this includes WiFi and Bluetooth. As if that is not enough, it is also self-reliant in many ways such as it has the ability to measure speed, heart rate, the amount of light, humidity and resistance. This means that it can be used as a sports and fitness gear as well. With all these functions, it is economical to have one since it replaces almost all other gadgets we would need to carry around.

Interesting Feature in De Grisogono in Gear S2 Smartwatch

The other very interesting feature with this watch is its powerful 250 mAh battery that is charged wirelessly. Once full it gives service for up to 3 days when on full-time functionality. It is expected to be launched later in the year and even the expected retail price is yet to be announced. Enthusiasts, however, predict that it might cost a handful but still look forward to grabbing one from any of the de Grisogono or Samsung retail outlets.

It is very easy to pass this gadget for just another expensive watch especially now that it is just getting into the market. What might raise curiosity towards its is the fact that it is expected to retail at quite a higher price, which Samsung defends by saying that for its functionality, it is worth every dime. It is connected to Samsung devices via Bluetooth and functions just like any other smart watch. Most of the previous smart watches are just basic and not really appealing to the eye. This means that people who love watches for aesthetic value and at the same time need the Gear for functionality are forced to own both. This problem has however been solved by the introduction of this latest Gear S2 which is, first of all, a jewelry, then a watch and a technology gadget. For this reason, the user will just invest in one gadget that will serve their multiple needs.

In conclusion, this is a gadget that every tech lover must have. It has taken quite some time of tireless brainstorming by teams from Samsung and de Grisogono to come up with this one-stop gadget. The rotating bezel is what contains navigation buttons for the smart watch function. It qualifies to be referred to as a state of the art device and brings with it so much boldness and beauty at the same time. It is a must have for those in the society, ranging from business people to professionals and even politicians. Because of the aesthetic value it comes with, it can be worn comfortably by both men and women. Such outstanding devices are believed to improve on how the society views an individual. In fact wearing such a watch earns you respect among the masses. Such benefits are expected to be part of the main selling points to be used in marketing these gadgets which might be limited in number.


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