Nokia Steel HR Watch

Nokia Steel HR Watches In Black And Rose Gold Color Will Amaze you


Earlier of this year, Nokia affirmed its buy of health fitness technology brand Nokia Steel and also made fast work of the rebranding its items using the name of the Finnish company.

The company so far has introduced 2 new color models of Nokia steel, one among the two is a rose gold colored design and also one other in what it is calling the full black.

The particular rose gold colored version includes a grey wristband when the particular black version includes – you got it – yes exactly a black strap or even you can get additional leather bands for going with it.

Many individuals now desire to put on a fitness system for keeping an eye upon exercise regime and their steps; however, not everybody would like a plastic, eye-catching unit such as Fitbit Charge 2 or even With Armor Band on the wrists.

Fitness trackers are not naturally wonderful looking wrist to put on, numerous look unusual on the ending of your wrist – however, what happens if dozens of tracking features had been included in a watch?

Simply New Looks:

Simply New Looks

You will find no new attributes on these latest limited edition watches, rather it can simply be in strap colors and different body compared to the ones which are currently for sale.

Every model of Nokia steel prices 129.95$ (119.95£, approximately 200AU$) until you wish the rose gold colored edition that will cost a little bit further at 149.95$ (139.95£, about 240AU$).

Usually, you could buy the black or white versions of Nokia steel as well; however, you cannot presently purchase Nokia Steel HR which includes heart rate tracking technology integrated into it.


Nokia Steel HR Watch Design
The particular Steel HR happens to be fitness tracker which appears watch-like that we have observed. It looks similar to a vintage watch you would use on the wrist and also is a little bit slimmer compared to models from the high-quality watch brand.

Basically, it looks appealing and offers premium design and style that devices just like Nokia Steel Activité Pop and also Nokia Steel Go happen to be missing.

All of us utilized the Steel HR (40mm); however, you may also obtain a version (36mm) of the watch in case you have got slimmer wrists. Usually, 40mm version happens to be
nevertheless tiny although and also we have noticed a few problems that it is much smaller on the wrist.

Fitness, Performance, And Specs:

Fitness Performance And Specs

The particular Nokia Steel Steel HR will not be capable of doing as much fitness tracking as some other trackers available on the marketplace; however, it will certainly be capable of retaining a count of everyday steps and also limited workout routines.

All of us attempted to utilize the particular Steel HR just for the muscle building exercise, for instance, and this did not keep track of any kind of outcomes aside from the steps that we generally take.

In case, you prefer a run or even a stroll, although, it can be much more helpful since it will certainly automatically start tracking the steps. All of us discovered step tracking to be precise, and this offered all of us much the same outcomes as we have observed from some other devices.

Compatibility And App:

Compatibility And App

The particular Nokia Steel app happens to be one among the best in the marketplace only if you are searching for something easy to utilize and also an easy interface to study almost all of the stats from.

This particular is not developed for anybody who desires plenty of fitness attributes; however, it shows the steps and sleep and also heart rate information in a gorgeous interface that is simple to navigate around at a time.

Battery Life:

Battery Life

Merely powering a smaller digital screen as well as watch hands are the very helpful function of Nokia Steel Steel HR since it indicates it may feature excellent battery life when compared with a few other wearables.

For Whom Is It?

Nokia Steel Steel HR is not for all fitness lovers available. This particular is a device designed for all those who else can’t stand the typical fitness system design as well as need something having a bit more style, just like a conventional watch.

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If you are searching for a device which will certainly motivate you to continue to walk around much more or the odd jog, then the specific Nokia Steel Steel HR can certainly be an excellent choice for you.

Usually, the concealed design and style of Steel HR happens to be its identity. You may put on this particular into the business meeting as well as no one can be better than its tracking the heart rate and also taking a note of the steps to the water cooler.

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