Myo Armband Controls The Web Through The Gestures

Myo Armband Controls The Web Through The Gestures


Sit back, relax, and take control! With Myo you can easily take control of your digital world with the flick of your wrist. It is a device that is worn the wrist and recognizes gestures which operates using wireless technology. Whether it’s a presentation in your office or school, stun your audience using this ‘handy’ little device and receive applauds. It is manufactured by Thalmic Labs. The Myo armband uses electromyography (EMG) sensors that have the ability to detect electrical activity in the forearm. It is combined with a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer to recognize hand gestures.

Blow your audience away with Myo’s fantastic gesture controls and features. Whether you’re zooming in on your slides or highlighting a piece of text, it can all be done in simply using hand gestures. Thalmic’s anticipated Myo armband is surely up to expectations and has the potential to revolutionize human psychology. All these amazing features can be availed in a sweet $100.


Myo’s unique design has eight different block that use an EMG sensor to read the muscle activity in your forearm. All its parts use a three-axis principle to sense motion in every direction. Myo can be used to control video games, music, applications, text documents and much more. It includes an ARM Cortex M4 Processor which operates via Bluetooth. It comes with a Bluetooth dongle for devices that don’t have a built-in Bluetooth functionality. Its Li-ion battery is said to be capable of keeping the device alive for full 24 hours of continuous use. The device has a sizeable library that includes different helpful applications and system plugins. Cons are its limited range of gestures and accurate calibration takes a few tries and that can be annoying and gets better with continued use.


Thalmic’s Myo armband has an expandable design and a broad compatibility. It has a slim design and despite being a nerdy-looking device, it sure has a slick feel to it. It can adjust to different forearm sizes. Doesn’t matter if you go to the gym or a twig who is still on a diet, Myo’s stretchable armband fits accordingly. As long as your forearm’s circumference is around 7.5-13 inches, it should be extremely comfortable.
Myo Armband Controls The Web Through The Gestures

Compatibility and Setup

Browsing through your music playlist or presenting a document is just the beginning. Myo’s developers have created applications that are available in the Myo Marketplace that are compatible with the armband. Some include YouTube, Spotify, KSP and of course, Netflix. There is no limit on how Myo can be used or for what purposes it can be used, but you will definitely find some situations that are much practical than the others. Setting up Myo itself is fun, new and pretty straightforward. When you have charged the Myo Armband via the USB cable, the next and the final step you do is to create a connection between your device and the Myo armband as you see its installing process speed to the end taking less than a minute. It includes video tutorials to help you learn the various hand gestures that Myo Armband recognizes.


The great thing about Myo is it has an open application program interface (API). It is a cool looking device, and can perform its magic coming straight out of the box. If you think about the idea of controlling the environment around you with only a gesture, you’ve come to the right place. The best thing about Myo is that it is an innovative technology and has the potential to revolutionize the industry. Previously, antiquated and techs which didn’t have potentials were made but this tech really offers a lot of promise. The companies are already giving it great previous and the cutomer approval rates are also very high. People are willing to spend their money in buying this special type of device which can provide them with lot accountability and making them really cool. Its cost efficient which is also a big plus considering it’s a new tech and has lots of potential. All in all, I think it’s a great deal for anyone who is looking to buy it for his use.


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