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Mueller Sports Medicine Company- All You Should Know


Mueller Sports is a company that was established with the aim of protecting and improving your health, during fitness and sports activities. The company deals with wide range of sports accessories, which makes it easier for you to get through exercise, gym and fitness training. The devices are protective and they ensure you will suffer minimal injuries. Some of the items found in this company are sleeves, wraps tapes and braces. Mueller Sports Medicine was founded in 1960 by Curt Mueller. Mueller loved sports and was a basketball player. His father was a pharmacist and helped him on understanding the sports medicine, and he came up with additional requirements needed in sports and athletics. These products are made of quality materials, and their use has led to an improvement in sports activities.

What Makes Mueller Company Unique?

This company is very active, and it keeps on creating new inventions that help in boosting the sports performance. This has made the customers to gain trust with it due to the quality of their products. The company uniqueness is by coming up with the things that help in protecting the athletes and sports people from the injuries. Competitors are coming up with sports medicine material, but they can’t reach this company.

Products Offered By Mueller Sports Medicine

Products Offered By Mueller Sports Medicine

This company has invented many sports materials which are of high quality. They have used triaxial hinge in making knee bracelets, which offers necessary support on your knees and protect them from injuries. This will help to normalize knee motion and track the knee joint. It will also make you comfortable as you make frequent vigorous motions. There is mercury braces which is made for athletes and it is more breathable and comfortable. The braces are made of threads, which helps to fight germs and bacteria. The hydracinn fabric is also available and it serves as an alternative for neoprene. This fabric is durable, soft, comfortable and more economical to use. The company have invented on this bracelet and have come up with Mueller Green. This bracelet is environmental friendly as it is made of recycled bottles and it is free from petroleum. This company makes kinesiology tapes which are usually worn by athletes around their muscles. This product plays a significant role of increasing skin and muscle flexibility. It is also essential in supporting a sore body and weak muscles for up to 7 days. These products are available in different sizes and shapes, and they are very useful in different exercise and sports settings.

How Mueller Sports Medicine Products Works?

Mueller Sports Medicine Products Work

This company offers a wide range of products, and each of them has a different role.

Knee support – It is made for use by those in pain after undergoing ACL surgery. It also makes you have comfortable motions and relief you from joint complications.
Compression arm sleeve – It improves blood and oxygen circulation on your forearms, elbows and biceps. It also makes your muscles to be stable.
Patella stabilizer – It is designed for use by rock climbers to provide them with extra support.
Jumper’s knee strap – It is a knee strap which reliefs you from vain and makes you more comfortable during cycling.
Back support braces – It provides a firm and adjustable grip on the lumbar area. It has compression features which enable athletes to make inch by inch movements while playing. It is also useful on those suffering from lumbar problems.

The Foundation Of Mueller Sports Medicine

This company was founded in 1960 by a person known as Curt Mueller. It was aimed at improving the health of sports people and athletes by coming up with products that will help to protect people from injuries. The company was named after its discoverer who was a basketball player. Mueller had a pharmacy background, and he was working as a pharmacist with the help of his father at the family drug store. He had little understanding of drugs, and he came up with other things to be added to make athletics more comfortable. This mixture of different fields of medicine is what was named sports medicine.

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Sports and athletics is a field that is more sensitive to your body as you can come out with many injuries that have an impact on your life. This company was developed with the aim of providing protective gear for use during sports and athletics training. This will help to minimize injuries and make the players more comfortable. Mueller Sports Medicine deals with many products, and each plays a different role in improving the player health. The products are to be worn during the training sessions, and they will make you improve in physical performance. This company is unique and it is known for making high-quality products. Some of the products include: back support braces, Jumper’s knee strap, patella stabilizer, compression arm sleeve and knee support. Using these products will provide you with the necessary support and make you more comfortable during the sports activities. These products are available in the market and you can get them online from the brand’s website.


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