More Wearable Join the Tech Market

More Wearable Join the Tech Market – Tips You Need to


Overview we might have spent part of this week in recovering from the event of wearable Tech Awards. However, even after the announcement of the news the world did not stop, it continued moving at its regular breakneck pace, getting stories from Huawei, Fitbit, Asus, and sense all mixed together. We are widening on the small rumors and the stories that were going round on the week and might not have reached you. Visitors will now be provided with wearables as they enter the park. The wearable is intended to give you very crucial information, which will guide you on the activities going around the park. This will make it easier for you to explore and have a better understanding of what is surrounding you.

Wearables Brought to universal Orlando

The studio which is universal and deals with a variety of things is gearing up on how to open new water park at Volcano Bay, which will be free to enter starting early 2017. Universal Studios have been working on it and finally have managed together with some teasers to build the hype this week. They announced that there would be an issuance of a wearable called TapuTapu to all the guests visiting the park. The wearable will be reaching the information on the queue waiting times plus many other things. This will enable you to wait in line for your ride, and then get notified when your turn is nearing; it works just like the fast pass system in Disneyland. The device is designed in a manner that it will facilitate better interaction of the wearer with the things found around the park. To facilitate this, the device is fitted with water cannon sets, illuminating lights, and many other sorts of mayhem. This will make it possible for you to cope with the environment.

Poof Launches Animal Trackers that Keeps an Eye on Pets

Animal Tracker
Poof Company has launched two new animal trackers early this week, by the name pea and bean. They are specially designed to monitor the activity of your pets and their sleeping patterns. The bean animal tracker has a battery life of two months, and the pet type animal tracker have a battery life that can last for about six months. Maybe you never thought of tracking your animal before, but these two tracking devices reveal how it is good to keep your animal tracked so that you can note any abnormal activities and sleeping patterns which might reveal serious health problems. The pea animal tracker is priced at $39.99, while the bean type of animal tracker is priced at $49.99. To buy any of these products you can make an order from the official website. With this tracker, you will have a better understanding of animal and pets behaviors. You will be able to predict health problems on your pets when they change their behaviors.

Universal Controller Launched by Merge VR

Universal Controller
A lot of virtual reality news have been covered this week, and it might catch up in our column of the field of view, but there is a limited room that can only cover one more story. An announcement has already been made on the product by the merge labs. It stated that a universal motion which is the first to be held on mobile VR controller. As it applies in controlling of games in smartphones is not that straight forward compared to when one is using PS VR or Oculus Rift. They gave totally different controlling ways in which you need to familiarize yourself with. Merge labs have made controllers that are compatible the already existing iOS and the android devices.

Apple Working and Controlling the Cars

Apple has shined many times in the smart and digital technology field. It is known for making high quality and durable products. The quality and innovation in their products have made Apple win many of the tech awards. Some rumors were spread targeted to kill and totally eliminate the Apple car project. A security analyst in KGI Mingchi Kuo stated the reason for believing in it instead of focusing on augmented reality project.

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There are many expectations on Apple to generate AR preliminary results within the next one or two years, and the first step might be working with the iPhone according to MacRumors. It does not focus on driving only, but Apple seems to likely join the AR space. This will be an interesting technology in the industry thus placing the apple in the frontline in the revolutionary industry.


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