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Misfit Vapor A Handsome Gadget That Will Surpasses Everything


We have enjoyed fitness-tracking products of Misfit ever since this company started in 2012. Right now, after being obtained through “The Fossil Group”, the Misfit has got introduced the first ever touch-screen smartwatch in addition to we believe it can be the most fascinating product however. Keep reading for the hands-on evaluation of Misfit Vapor right from CES’s previous year’s show floor.

Note: We have been working on the complete review of Misfit Vapor, yet ever since this had been demonstrated at CES early this year, a few attributes happen to be taken off the gadget that happens to be probably to transform our viewpoint of it very significantly.

This no more provides GPS and also operates on the “Android Wear 2.0” instead of Misfit’s private software program. Also, you could go through the hands-on review yet make sure you keep these points on your mind.

Availability & Price:

Indeed, you go through this properly. This specific smart watch had been introduced last January (when we initially published this specific review) and also it nevertheless has not strike the racks.

Yet the great news happens to be that the particular company has declared the launch date finally, as well as much better: it is this month!
You will be capable of obtaining your hands-on Vapor right from 31 October by misfit.com

Build & Design:

Build & Design

The particular Misfit Vapor happens to be a very handsome gadget. We enjoy that the Misfit is decided elected to select the conventional circular watch shape, as well as has handled to do the same with no with no need of flat tyre which a few other watches such as “Motorolas Moto 360″ have.

The display on Vapor is usually 1. 4” AMOLED having the 326 ppi-pixel thickness, as well as we had been truly amazed at exactly how vivid and bright the colors are. Also, the excellent contrast suggested the blacks truly happen to be black as well. The particular screen appeared to be fairly unreflective, yet we have however to attempt it in sunlight that is while you may require utilizing this most while outside.

The particular watch utilizes virtual bezel all around the area of the screen for navigation in between applications as well as its menus; in addition to utilizing this specific bezel does not hide the contents of the screen itself therefore it is efficient and easy on such small screen, really brilliant.

Hardware & Specs:

Interior of the Vapor there is one “Snapdragon 2100 processor” that is created particularly for wearables, and also 4GB storage which enables you to save music on the particular watch itself.

After that, thanks to integrated GPS, you could get out on a bike or run ride without the need for carrying the cell phone together with you and also you would have lots of tunes for keeping you inspired.

In case, you are a swimmer, and then you might additionally put on the Vapor for tracking your swim just as it happens to be water-proof approximately 50 meters. We are unsure that it is the proper gadget for severe swimmers and also it is possibly a bit heavy on wrist, yet it is definitely a good extra bonus in case you swim very often and also is enthusiastic about keeping monitor of the activity.



To some extent remarkably, the Misfit has got elected not really to choose “Android Wear 2.0″, as well as has rather developed the own software which functions completely having each Android as well as iOS gadgets. The Misfit comes with an excellent, instinctive mobile app in addition to you can easily notice that the similar design ethics are utilized to develop the operating system.

You will be capable to see all the notifications, and browse the calendar, examine the weather conditions and also a lot much more now on this watch with no need for looking at your cell phone.

The Misfit has stated that the particular operating system would support apps, as well, yet we have however to discover just how that runs and also which applications would be accessible whenever this watch initially releases.

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The particular Misfit Vapor surpasses everything. It is water-resistant, stylish and also has integrated heartbeat monitor as well as GPS; it runs with each iOS as well as Android and also includes the processor created particularly for the wearables.

There is storage which allows you save music on the gadget, as well as the software happens to be intuitive and also a pleasure to utilize on the brilliant circular display. Everything that it includes is the superbly lower price tag.

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