LumaGlo Cross Belt

LumaGlo Cross Belt Is What You Need For Night Activity


Security throughout night activities is vitally important. However, how can you be certain you are noticeable in front of others in the dark? A brand new revolutionary, colorful LED belt is exactly how!

This LumaGlo Crossbelt is next technology of the wearable lighting.

The LumaGlo is top wearable safety equipment. The numerous features consist of LED lamps and also 360° visibility to make sure security for joggers, bicyclists, running joggers and much more.

The relocating, colorful LED designs make sure you are visible and nicely noticed, even if traffic is hefty or even weather situations are less than perfect.

Presently in the developmental phases, the makers are searching for contributions through a Kickstarter system. Their objective is to increase $25,000 in funds by 27 July 2017.

In case their project gets total funding through the preferred date, the production will start to make sure that this LumaGlo Crossbelt is readily available for shipping in Aug 2017.

In case you are the kind of individual who likes working out (walk, bike, run) in the early hrs of morning or even late in night time, you would totally comprehend the scare you find whenever you listen to an automobile from far and also you quietly wish the car owner sees you earlier sufficient to supply security clearance.

I utilized to bike to work, and also I installed my bike with four red-colored blinkers to alert all those massive lorry drivers, I am simply flesh on the metal. After that, I asked myself if I must have extra “one more” blinker simply to be secure.

LumaGlo, the developer of wearable night security equipment, desires to repair the visibility issue largely. Also, their LumaGlo Crossbelt gives 360° wearable lighting for joggers and bike riders as well and also hits this Kickstarter platform these days.

What Are The Features Of This Lumaglo Cross Belt?

360° Visibility

Features Of Lumaglo Cross Belt

This Crossbelt illuminates the users from almost all directions. This is made to exceed back and front lighting just, decreasing the opportunity of being minted from the side.

Therefore, the solution is numerous ultra-bright, colorful LEDs give extreme lighting – users can easily be seen from many blocks away.

Automated Brake Light

The patent-pending innovation of this LumaGlo consists of a built/in accelerometer to notify other people whenever the individual stops or slows by triggering the LEDs for flashing bright red automatically.

Moving, Colored, Patterns

dynamic, multi-colored, bright LED patterns emphasize and separate the user from the background lights. Also in the emergency conditions, a vibrant red-colored strobe pattern can easily be activated.

The Design

Design Of Lumaglo Cross Belt

This Crossbelt is one item with 2 handy wear choices, providing to any or all kinds of activities. This may be used as a belt or even a sash with an easy pivot of control pod which is custom-designed.

This Crossbelt suits over bulky bags, backpacks, and clothing.

Washable And Weatherproof

Freezing and rain temperatures are absolutely no match up for this Crossbelt’s durable design and materials. If this gets sweaty or dirty, it can easily be washed or rinsed.

Rechargeable Micro USB

Buyers can easily save on the costs of the battery and advantage the world. The charge of this Crossbelt will last for 3 – 6 hrs. Charging is easy utilizing the integrated tiny USB cable.

The reflective vests can work whenever there is light, however, LumaGlo Crossbelt illuminates by itself with the LEDs and on board battery. The advantage of Crossbelt is exactly how this causes in the visibility for the individual from almost all perspectives.

Rechargeable Micro USB
The majority of headlights or even feet lamps simply illuminate the back and front of the individual and also at just two points of the body; this Crossbelt basically features the whole upper body.

Also, the best feature which obtained my focus is brake light. Based on the LumaGlo, the obvious impending development taps on the integrated accelerometer to identify whenever the consumer is stationary and also will certainly and instantly trigger

LEDs to flash vibrant red-colored. I’m inquisitive exactly how this particular feature might kick in for the bicyclists whose torsos are basically stationary in contrast to walkers or runners.

The LumaGlo Crossbelt continues as much as 6 hrs and also recharges with a tiny USB cable. This is additionally sprinkled resistant and may be hand washed or rinsed.

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LumaGlo Running
Utilizing this LumaGlo Crossbelt light is as basic as putting it on. This product is a sash/ belt which you can put on over a belt or a backpack.

This particular wearable security equipment is ideal for any kind of night action, for example camping out, cycling, walking, and walking the dog or even roadside emergency. Simply wear it and go away. The battery remains charged for 3 to 6 hours.

I hope you enjoyed this post and had a great passion for this LumaGlo Crossbelt. Please use the comment box below and share your opinions.

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