Lenovo Mirage Solo

Lenovo Mirage Solo – A Brand New Daydream VR Standalone


Recently Google declared that it had been cooperating with HTC as well as Lenovo on 2 standalone Daydream Virtual Reality headsets. All these had been the systems that might need neither computer nor Smartphone to run; you might just slip this over your own face as well as leave for the digital globe unexplored.

After that HTC came with a big modification of heart as well as made the decision that it desired to give attention to conquering China, proclaiming it might no more release Vive Focus internationally. The Great news for the Lenovo is that it has presently just verified headsets of Daydream standalone.

The particular Solo Lenovo Mirage could cause a little dilemma in the title as Lenovo currently has something known as the Mirage that is its own AR Jedi Difficulties headset.

The particular Mirage Solo operates Daydream platform of Google that so far has just worked with the little smattering of the smartphones which require being placed right into a headset. The elegance of Mirage Solo happens to be the ease-of-use: you put this on, get the control, as well as voila, you are doing Virtual Reality, baby.

Solo Lenovo Mirage-Tracking And Comfort:

Tracking And Comfort
In case, you believe the Solo appears similar to PS VR, and then you are not simply going mad. Generally, the head-strap happens to be nearly similar. I inquired Lenovo in case the particular PlayStation VR layout was obviously a powerful motivation; however, it did not have much more to claim regarding this. It is comfortable and nice however.

This Solo features a mixed 2560 x 1440 resolution that is identical to Oculus Go whenever that roll-outs later on this year. Regarding reference that is greater than HTC Vive yet not really extremely the degree of the particular “HTC Vive Pro”; much less “screen-door” impact, as well as quite sharp. This additionally features a 110 area of view, similar to the particular Vive headsets. Also, it works together with the current controller of Daydream 3DoF.

However, you will find restrictions. For one particular thing, it does not assist entire room-scale. There is a play area of 1.5m around you that is not large. The Solo features 6DoF monitoring as well as utilizes Google’s Movesense tech, therefore you may dip, duck, dodge, dive and also dodge, yet you cannot truly move much from the beginning point, and also in case you undertake that a grid will be to demarcate the play area.

Solo Lenovo Mirage: And Also The Games?

Also The Games
Regarding content, it is wherever Google is available in. Daydream store will be filling out, yet it requires much more. I tested out several games on Solo, the SSX- type snowboard game that needed me leaning sideways to guide my own self. The 2nd one was obviously a brief Blade Runner tie-in wherever I wandered (well, teleported around) a few roads of the techno-noir LA.

Naturally, as it is standalone this requires storing everything on the headset by itself; therefore Mirage Solo includes 4GB area of storage just for movies and games. Simply because it is working on Daydream and you will additionally be capable to link to the Google Photo series, and also Lenovo states you could cast to the television, therefore, some other people can easily see exactly what you are seeing.

How about battery life? You may be wondering. It had been one thing which had been annoying me, as well as I had been braced for dissatisfaction, however, Lenovo is stating 7 hours of constant utilize, that appears really realistic. Is the cost simply amazing? At this time Lenovo is declaring “below $400”, yet whenever it very first informed us regarding the headset the cost had been penciled in just at $450.

Oculus Rift, that will be Lenovo’s rival right here, is priced only at $199, therefore the Solo might possibly two times as costly, however, that additional money is obtaining you the Google’s Worldsense tech as well as a greater area view just for boot. Would this be well worth it?

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Together with the advantage of being completely standalone, the particular Mirage Solo would attract the broader audience that is exactly what VR requires at this time. However, along with Oculus Go happens to be set to release this season for an extremely low cost, it will not standalone. The Lenovo may need to think about ascending the cost more; however, there is no hesitation within my mind this particular is exactly what VR requires in 2018.

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