Kortex Hormone Control: A Hormonal Balancing Aid To Reduce Stress


Kortex is a device that is meant to help balance your hormones to help you reduce stress and have healthy sleeping habits. The device is currently funded through Kickstarter where its initial shipment will be out in July this year. The product is known to control specific chemicals in your brain so ensure that you live a healthy live. It helps you relax and have a restful sleep so that you can wake up energized for the day’s work. It is a device that is worn around your eyes to the back of your eyes for perfect working.

Manufacturer’s Information and Claims about Kortex

This is a device that is manufactured by Fisher Wallace Labs. This device requires that you wear it around your eyes to the back of your head before you sleep. The device is capable of helping you trigger the release of specific chemicals naturally which makes you feel happier and feel relaxed for reduced stress. The device utilizes neurostimulation treatment which is helpful in releasing chemicals in your brain to make you feel happier and relaxed. The device will help you have an uninterrupted sleep throughout the night so that you will wake up a fresh person. It helps you reduce fatigue that comes with bad sleeping habits. The device is manufactured through advanced technology to produce an effective product for your own use. The product is manufactured in FDA approved institution which guarantees you a safe product. The device is known to help control anxiety, treat sleeplessness and help you reduce depression for a healthy life. This is a product that guarantees you results as claimed by its manufacturer’s.

Significant Chemicals Triggered by Kortex

This is a device is capable of releasing the following chemicals which helps it deliver expected results:

  • Serotonin– this is an element that is released to your brain and it is meant to help you feel good. The ingredient is mostly released in your brain when you have trauma of any kind so as to help you relax and take prudent decision.
  • Cortisol– this is an ingredient that is released in your brain after stressing event. The commonly things that leads to release of this ingredient is after vigorous activities that stress your muscles.

Procedure on How to Use Kotex

How to Use Kotex
This is a device that is easy to use. You are required to follow the below steps for effective working of the device:

  • Attach your kortex to the headband so that it is fixed properly on it.
  • Wet the sponge electrodes with fresh water and then clip them to the strap line of your headband.
  • Connect the wires from the sponge electrodes to the bottom of your device and and switch it on to start it.
  • Wrap the device around your eyes to the back of your head for effective results for about ten to twenty minutes for desired results.

Why Use Kortex?

This is a product that comes with the following benefits:

  • It helps you have a quality sleep to make sure that you wake up a fresh person.
  • It ensures that you have healthy sleeping habits for an energized person and be able to handle your tasks effectively.
  • It helps you feel relaxed when you have experienced trauma.
  • Leads to a happier and boost your moods for a jovial person always.
  • It is a safe as it is manufactured in FDA approved institution.

Effectiveness and Safety of Kortex

Safety of Kortex
This is a device that is manufactured in an FDA approved facility. This implies that this device is manufactured under the required regulations governing production of human used equipments. Therefore, this guarantees you of a safe device for your own use. It is known to cause no negative effects when used. This is also a device that is made up of special features which help it deliver the expected results and help you perform your chores effectively. It gives you a relaxed mood and healthy sleeping habits for a healthy person.We recommend this device for your own use. It is an effective and safe device which helps you feel relaxed and lead to a healthy life.

Possible Side Effects Caused by Kortex

This is a device that has been manufactured in FDA approved institution and this makes the device safe for your own use. There are no known side effects associated with this product.
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This is a product that is sold at $349 only and you can order the device through the brand’s website. The device is able to trigger unique chemicals when you wear it which makes you feel relaxed and happy. This ensures that your stress levels are reduced and you can have a quality sleep. There is less discussion on the elements used to manufacture this product and the actual process undertaken up to the final stage for the device. The device can only be bought through online on the product’s website and this will disadvantage those individuals who are not connected to a network.The product is not relatively affordable.


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