Upcoming Jabra Coach and Sport Pulse Special Edition Ear-bud

Upcoming Jabra Coach and Sport Pulse Special Edition Ear-bud


Users fell in love with Jabra Sport Pulse since it made its debut onto the wearable market back in 2014. Now, these great earphones that are in a position to track your heart rate are set to receive a big upgrade. Similarly, the Jabra Sport Coach will also be upgraded. This is some great news for wearable lovers all over the world.

The developers have always been motivated to provide users with better and advanced heart rate monitoring devices. Therefore, people should expect so much from the new gadgets. According to some trusted sources, the upcoming wearable devices will come with a wide range of changes that are aimed at making your user experience much better.

To begin with, a continuous and automatic VO2 maximum level tracking has been included in the upcoming devices. The inclusion is through the well-known app, Jabra Sport Life. This implies that you will be in a position to benefit from some additional fitness tracking features that were not present in the Jabra Sport Pulse. The new devices are now equipped with ear-buds that are able to effectively track the rate of oxygen use by your body.

The new Special Sport Coach Edition will come equipped with some of the best tracking features. For instance, it will allow for automatic and repetitive counting via its improved motion sensor, the TrackFit. The motion sensor will be able to work with Jabra app to produce accurate results. The new motion sensor can now detect your movements better than before. In addition, the Jabra app is capable of counting and logging your repetitions. Moreover, it will inform you of the most appropriate time to start the next exercises.

Once it has been launched, the new Jabra app will be in a position to count up to 10 exercises automatically. These include burpees, lunges and push-ups. Moreover, you will be receiving constant updates on when to increase your exercises and move to new workouts over time. Besides the new features, the upcoming devices have also received other improvements such as sound quality improvement for music and calls, enhanced bass as well as passive noise cancellation.

The two wearable devices are rated IP55 for water resistance and dust. Additionally, they come with an improved battery life. Their batteries can sustain an active use of 5 hours and on a standby mode, it can last for a period of 10 days.

Jabra Sport Pulse Sport Pulse Edition

The developers have made some modifications on the ear-buds to ensure that users find better fits. They now have comply foam tips that are aimed at keeping them secure together with a wide variety of ear wings and ear gels sizes. The upcoming devices are expected to ship in Q3 and will be going at $160 for the Jabra Sport Pulse and $120 for the Sport Coach.

The Jabra Sport Coach together with Jabra Sport Pulse are both Special Editions that come with durability, sound and fit improvements. Additionally, these wearable devices come with new and improved smart sports features. The Jabra Pulse Sport Special Edition ear-buds have been optimized for running using continuous and automatic VO2 maximum fitness monitoring. This makes them the first of their kind in the world. The Jabra Coach Sport Special Editions ear-buds are gym optimized and feature a repetitive and automatic counting via their TrackFit motion sensors.

In-depth Product Details

Jabra product details
The Special Sport Pulse edition

  • New continuous and automatic VO2 for max fitness tracking
  • Inside the ear biometric heart rate tracking
  • Advanced tracking and planning based on your heart rate
  • Orthostatic heart rate monitoring
  • Resting heart rate monitoring
  • In-ear smart audio coaching
  • The Special Sport coach Edition
  • New repetitive and automatic counting together with the TrackFit motion sensor
  • In-ear smart audio coaching
  • Secure fit and superior sound
  • In-ear superior ergonomic fit
  • Comply Foam Tips
  • Take and make calls
  • Enhanced bass and passive noise cancellation
  • Resilient and ergonomic designs for the two editions
  • Water and dust resistant of IP55
  • Approximately five hours of music/talk time
  • Approximately ten days of stand-by time
  • Lightweight app. 16 grams
  • An extended sweat warranty of up-to three years

Additionally, automatic rep counting and automatic testing will be available for existing Jabra Sport Coach and Jabra Sport Pulse respectively. Further functionalities are available with upgrades on software Jabra Sport Life, which is the supporting app. This is among the efforts by Jabra to provide users with intelligent sound solutions in all their products.

Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition


The upcoming wearable devices will completely change the industry and the world has never seen gadgets made with such sophistication. Tech lovers should brace themselves for improved user experience like never before. The new and improved Jabra Pulse Sport Special Edition can monitor the rate of your heart and is in a position to check your VO2 levels, which is your body’s utilization of oxygen. On the other hand, the Sport Coach Special Edition incorporates an improved TrackFit motion sensor, which is capable of monitoring your reps.


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