Huawei Band 2 Pro

Huawei Band 2 Pro- A Fitness Tracker That Can Monitor Overall Health


Right after Huawei TalkBand B2 that is the mix of tracker and Bluetooth headset, Band 2 Pro is the Huawei’s 2nd action tracker. Still, Band 2 Pro is a lot nice and more desirable for sports actions.

Similar to other companies, Huawei evidently attempts to conquer fitness crowd. It also can be identified by the undeniable fact that Huawei released the Android Wear Smart watch for sports athletes with Watch 2 recently.

This Huawei Band 2 Pro Offers The Highlights Listed Below

Huawei Band 2 Pro App

  • Incorporated pulse sensor: calculates each and every second in the sport mode, every half an hour in the day mode
  • Action Tracker: automatically records steps 24/7, calories consumption, distances, and monitors sleep
  • GPS receiver and Sports mode: for example, monitors distance, movement, records speed and running tracks
  • Fitness coach: records direction, speed, distance, pace, and heart rate and allows the design of individual exercising programs
  • Breathing coach
  • Numerous Smartphone notifications
  • Comfortable and Soft plastic strap for wrist
  • First Sight

    First Sight

    This Band 2 Pro appears much like the present best band Fitbit Charge 2, only that Band 2 Pro features no button on the side. On the flip side, this is approximately two millimeters thinner in height and width and consequently a bit more stylish in look. Seated in 21 grams, this is light in weight.

    The operation is done completely simply by swiping and typing gestures. In most cases, wearable is applicable to both display and case and also to silicone bracelet.

    This silicone bracelet can make an enjoyable impact, since it is smooth and affectionate, and this is very comfortable to put on. Regrettably, this cannot be sold back for a different one.

    Application And Operation

    Huawei Band 2 Pro Application
    The procedure is done completely simply by swiping and typing gestures. To begin an action, leave the finger on the screen for a bit more. The running activities are performed reliably in the Huawei Band Two Pro-Test.

    The screen is also deactivated in the default setting as well as can be easily activated by the typical hand motions or even via the display.

    Sport Activities

    In the assessment, we took Huawei Band Two Pro to operate for instance. On tracker, by itself, you are able to select swimming and biking. Operating applications are readily available for joggers which are also planned in Health Application.

    Huawei First beat features in this tracker have the ability to offer more superior statements regarding suggestions and training load for the recovery time following the sport.

    First beat is the professional for the heart rate study that can easily be discovered in the trackers, for example, Sony, Suunto, Samsung, or Garmin. The incorporated GPS receiver can record distance and speed, as well as distance, walked.



    For beginners, we will have a round jogging. Particularly Huawei has thought of joggers in Band 2 Pro, simply because run applications may be planned in Health Application and began through the application by itself.

    The running action on the tracker is additionally started. Predefined running applications consist of, such as 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers, marathon runs or half marathon, for that you can get ready for a few weeks through the program. On the other hand, you can furthermore outline your own plan for training.

    Gps & Pulse Accuracy

    Throughout Band 2 Pro analysis, Polar H10 and the Polar M430 chest strap combined to the M430 had been integrated. We understand from both gadgets that they calculate precisely enough. M430 for the GPS routes, H10 for the pulse rate.

    It permits us to calculate whether Band 2 per heart rate sensor calculates the pulse precisely or not. Regrettably, we cannot discover a choice to export from Health App of Huawei.

    As a result, we can assess the measurement optically only and over the average by the maximum values.

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    This “Huawei Band 2 Pro” seems to have our interest, not only simply because of exactly how this looks, but additionally due to its expected feature set appears to be ambitious for the form factor.

    We will be having a sample review soon, and we cannot hang on to put this through paces to find out if this is exactly what it requires to punch the competitors up on our top list of fitness trackers.

    I hope you enjoyed this post on Huawei Band 2 Pro. This device has all the best features to offer you. So don’t delay and go for it.

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