Highs and Lows Heart Rate Plots and Causes

Highs and Lows Heart Rate Plots and Causes


The heart rate has been used to measure many different things in the past. In many situations, it is used to measure your health status and fitness status. The heart rate plots that appear on your heart rate graph have some highs and lows depicted. The highs and lows have different meanings and can be used to translate a situation as you see and feel it. In many cases, your heart rate is said to be connected to your brain and specific environmental factors may cause your heart rates to increase going on the high side or decrease moving to the low side. Having the ability to check your heart rate highs and lows is something that continues to amaze many. Here are some of the things that increase your heart rate and how to determine what scares excites and or bores one to sleep or death.

Average Heart Rate

The first step towards identifying what scares or excites, is to measure ones personal average heart rates per minute. To do this, you are required to take your resting heart rate or the RHR, which indicates the number of heartbeats you have in a single minute while resting. It is said that this can indicate how fit you are. If the heat beat rate is very low i.e. 40 to 60, this means you are very fit. If it’s below 100, it means that you are in normal curve but above that you are overweight.

The second step is taking you highest heart rate by testing your limits. Given the numbers in research, for a young person, your heart rate can go to around 190 beats per minute. Then it’s time to determine your health heart rate beats per minute, which is estimated at 50% to around 70% of your highest heart rate per single minute. This comes to around 95 heartbeats per minute.

Average Heart Rate


Committing a crime is probably one of the scariest and one of the worst scenarios for your heart. This is because your heart rate graph plummets and goes almost towards reaching your maximum or the highest heart rate or beats per minute. This is mainly because to the adrenalin being pumped into your brain and the brain activity that is going on at that specific period. In fact, the heart rate does not go down for the whole day or night that the specific action was committed. It remains high mainly due to the worry and thoughts of being arrested. Committing a crime such as shoplifting gives you the perfect heart rate readings. The high states of adrenalin can be associated with why people like committing crime and the elation that accompanies it make it even worse and people want to do it repeatedly.

Hypnosis and Meditation

Being hypnotized is similar to having a world of no worry and one of the best ways to relax after a tired day. Similar to meditation but they have one striking difference depicted by the heart rate graphs. In hypnosis, the heart rate is quite low and is similar to the resting heart beat rates. However, the meditation heart rates are quite higher in comparison. Hypnosis can be averaged to around 49 heartbeats in a single minute while meditation is averaged at 62 heart beat rate per minute. The two processes or activities can be said to be soothing, relaxing and frees one of bad thoughts, eliminating the external world and leaving you free as a passing breeze.

Sex and Scary Movies

As it is said, feelings impact on your heart rate and the number of times it beats in a single minute. During sex, people tend to have an increased heart beat rate when having their orgasms. In that period, their feelings are quite pronounced indicating the clear and direct relationship between the action i.e. orgasm and the heart rate. Similarly, when watching a scary movie, one tends to get scared and tension builds with time. At the height of the show, the heart rate strikes the top numbers indicating the scariest parts or sections of the movie. If looking for ways and means to cut down on your weight, some of these periods such as watching scary movies and having sex can be quite useful. They seem to be good means of exercising in regards to the high heart rates reached.

Heart rates reached


Facing things that are said to scare you such as riding the VR ghost train, having spiders brought and placed on your head, getting into a floatation tank and many others is also a way to show the relationship between your feelings and your heart rate. If totally relaxed, your heart rate remains normal but if spooked, it gains with each step taken towards facing your worst nightmares.

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Definitely, the heart rate plotting can show many things and clearly indicate a person’s feelings towards a certain thing or person. By having your heart rate monitoring device in your exercise schedule or routine and other times of the day, you may be surprised at what excites and spooks you. Later, you understand and look back at the specific action, activity or situation that caused that specific plot on your graph and laugh.


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