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Gemio Focus its Forces to be the Next Festival Accessory


Gemio is a great smart bracelet worth spending your money on. It is known for its characteristic lighting up when your friends are nearby. It has now launched on Kickstarter and it is aiming to increase the features of the social wearable and expand the customization. In the meantime, the smart bracelet is available for pre-orders and for only $49 you can have the band. The price might rise to $69, the Kickstarter special and around $12 for individual module currently known as Tiles.

These prices are way much cheaper compared to when the smart bracelet originally made its debut late last year. There is now a twist in the Band’s design not forgetting a changed focus on the LED pattern light features. All these changes are aimed at making the wearable better and also to improve user experience.

A while ago, Gemio was viewed as just a social technology accessory for younger girls. However, the startup has been seen working hard to push the technology accessory as a great interactive band for concerts, festivals and events. This is similar to the wearable tech experiment by Coldplay at Glastonbury.

According to a latest release, you can turn the control of the band to a performer or a DJ and fully participate in a light show. There is a great possibility for the MyGemio app to include a number of Channels for users to join. For example, you could be in a position to receive a light signal the moment a sports team gets a goal or when a charity you are interested in sends an alert.


To ensure all these interactions get started, it has resolved to working closely with the Love is Louder, which is a nonprofit organization founded by Brittany Snow a well known actress. She also directed the Gemio video. The partnership is aimed at creating a Channel although the main purpose, the use of light signals as a connection reminder sounds vague to an extent. In addition, there is a Tile set specially designed by Brittany Snow herself.

Sometimes back when looking at the Gemio at CES, Michael Bettua the CEO referred to it as ‘gemsets’. However, Tiles are currently more customizable when it comes to gems, textures and print. Recent reports have revealed that new styles will be released on a monthly basis. In addition, the ability to create your own design will be available before the year ends. If you decide to pre-order your bracelet from the ongoing campaign, which is targeting around $500,000 you will receive your order by November 2016.

Although many people viewed this wearable as an accessory specially designed for teen girls, everything has changed and the developers are working hard to ensure that the new tech becomes adopted as an interactive band to be used in festivals, concerts and events by anyone. With this tech, you can take total control of a band and turn yourself into a performer and make people have a great time. According to a recent release, the tech will feature an app that will comprise of Channels that users can join. Channels will be updating users on important issues they might be following by sending alerts.

In an effort to ensure things work out as planned, it has partnered with several non-profit organizations. This is aimed at ensuring that users get the best from this tech. If you do not want to wait until the official launch, you can pre-order your wearable online and you will have it by September. The Kickstarter is only looking forward to expand the features of the smart bracelet and familiarize it with more people. In addition, it is hoping to increase its customization to ensure that it takes care of the needs of different users.

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The best thing about the Kickstarter special is the fact that it has reduced the prices of the smart bracelet drastically. This is aimed at making more sales and ensuring that more people can have a taste of this amazing technology. The on-going pre-order is also very cheap therefore; if you are on a budget and still need to have this smart bracelet, consider taking advantage of the pre-order period. Once the product is officially released in to the market, the price is likely to increase considerably.

Users should expect some minor changes in the general design of the Band. The change on the festival accessory is just to give users an improved wearable and break from the usual design. The new design is better and users should look forward to using it. In addition, the LED light features might receive a new twist.


Gemio has now hit Kickstarter in a bid aimed at making its smart bracelet an accessory for festivals, events and concerts. Take advantage of the pre-order period and buy the wearable at its cheapest price. Experts speculate that once it makes its debut on the consumer market, the price might shoot. Its improved design makes it a wearable worth purchasing and tech lovers will appreciate its abilities.


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