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Get An Incredible Virtual Reality Experience With Freefly FF3 Headset


Seeking to combine the globe of MR, AR, and VR, Proteus VR Labs has introduced Freefly FF3 headset – a gadget which is in a position to offer a window in all 3 dimensions.

This company that has up to now dedicated to VR with Freefly 2 and Freefly 1, is right now seeking to make a jump in a newer space because of its newest Smartphone headset.

Also to leap into the combined reality mode, the user will have to remove Freefly FF3’s detachable edges, something this company says, broadens the area of view as much as 180-degree and enables the consumer to get into their peripheral eyesight.

Because of the AR wing, at the same time, Proteus has pointed out that it is operating with professionals Zappar simply to bring the application to the gadget.

And in case you simply want to relax and then take in a few normal VR, then all you have to perform is to reattach the edges.

It nevertheless leads you to experience a good 120-degree area of view, while the Aura Lighting extends out dominating colors of VR material to the periphery of vision of the viewer and consequently decreases the porthole effect of view- Proteus states.


In past times, Proteus’ Smartphone compatibility headsets continue to be one of the more appealing things. While absolutely no particular devices have however been verified to work with Freefly FF3, we would anticipate a variety of famous Android gadgets, along with iPhones, for being in the combination.

Though for now, VR Labs by Proteus is seeking to launch the gadget from the operating prototype to the store shelves via the Crowdcube campaign. Ideally, we will have the ability to have our hand on one is not too far away future.

This Freefly VR provides immersive virtual reality along with the biggest area of view in the category. Freefly VR provides an incredible 120-degree area of view! You will observe the distinction while you walk around and into haunted houses or space stations.

With the large 42-mm lens, you will hardly have to change anything at all. Simply get a compatible Smartphone along for your VR journey, plug-in and have fun!

You will remain comfortable all through the virtual reality trip. This Freefly VR offers comfortable, however calming, faux leather cushioning across the nose and mouth mask to make sure that your VR experience remains as relaxed as this does immersive.

Suitable For All Types Of Gadgets

Freefly Ff3 4

In case you reside in a both with iPhone and Android users, then you understand how difficult it may be occasionally to get devices which are suitable for both of the phone models.

Fortunately, Freefly Virtual Reality has households such as yours as the primary goal. The particular front face also can be easily adjusted to aid smartphones with everywhere from 4.7″ to 6.1″ screens, and the One touch clicks quick system, and simple release latch indicates you will not be fiddling along with breakable and small pieces constantly.

This Freefly Virtual Reality is suitable for numerous manufacturers’ phones, such as Sony, LG, HTC, Apple, and Samsung so long as they come with an onboard gyroscope in order to fulfill the demands of a number of compatible games.

Get The Headsets And Get Started

Freefly Headsets

Setting the Freefly Virtual Reality up requires just a couple of minutes. You can download whatever application or even game you prefer to make use of. After that launch the wings and push the launch latch for opening phone chamber.

Make certain that the Smartphone is centered in Freefly, fasten this up and then close chamber. This will instantly identify exactly how thin or thick your Smartphone is; therefore, you do not have to be worried about this.

After that simply slide the gadget over your eye and have fun!

This Freefly VR has a simple for adjusting the strap to make sure that you’re wearing the headset as pleasantly as it is possible all the time.

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You can also use the Freefly VR along with the increasing number of games and apps available in the Play Store of Google.

Just look for what is compatible and designed for the Google Cardboard as well as you will be shooting zombies, jumping platforms and driving karts without delay!


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